Melt and Pour Soap Tutorials

Remember those chemistry sets that were around when we were kids? You could mix this and that together and exciting things would happen. Or not so exciting if you were mom and had to clean up the resulting mess. Thankfully, soaping is a mess that really cleans itself. It's like being a kid again - the excitement that comes from seeing the lye react to the oils and create... soap! Beautiful, cleansing, bubbly soap. And like bath & body, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to soaping. Pick a tutorial below and let's get to work!

Shredded Cookie Cutter Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals If you have been following along with the tutorials you may have noticed that you have a growing collection of leftover soap. Whether from your own soap making or your practice sessions, there is always a “stash” of soap that you can do something with to make it useful. Here is a […]

A Nice Cold Glass of Lemonade…Soap!

by Rustic Escentuals What is better on a hot summer’s day than a nice cold glass of lemonade? This fun soap is fun and easy to create. And it looks like the real thing! Your family and friends will love them. This soap tutorial makes approximately a 9 ounce “bar” of soap. Skills: embeds   […]

Geometric Soap Loaf Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This is a tutorial showing how to make loaf soaps with a layering technique that will give you geometric shapes. This tutorial is more advanced, however it’s perfect to help build your skills. Because you’ve already learned to layer in our Learning to Layer Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial, you already have […]

Chill Pill Melt & Pour Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Every now and then you have to just take a chill pill. Calm down and relax. What better way than with this new soap?! Mix and match your colors with this fun soap mold. It’ll bring out a laugh in everyone. Skills: Using micas, layering   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave […]

Money Embedded in Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals If you need a unique gift for someone, this will definitely surprise them! This soap tutorial will show you how to insert folded origami money into a bar of soap. A unique and fun way to give the gift of money, or to use as party favors! Great to use as a […]

Silk Soap Tutorials

by Rustic Escentuals Before you know it, spring and Mother’s day are upon us! Better get ready! Silk Soaps make delightful and customizable wedding favors, bridal showers, and bridal lunches. Before you know it, you’ll make dozens and dozens of these because not only they are easy to make but also because the Sea Salt […]

Coffee Bean Soap Melt & Pour Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals I love coffee! I love to drink it, I love the scent, I love the waking up feeling! What could be better than a coffee scented soap?? It’s going to be a good day. Skills: Mixing colors and using exfoliants coffee and soap – brilliance!   Supplies for making soap and equipment […]

Marbled & Tie Dyed Swirled Soaps Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Swirled and layered soaps are popular, so we wanted to take a different approach to swirling colors to create visually appealing soaps. With this tutorial you can use a single color to match your fragrance oil choice, or choose multiple colors for a tie dye or holiday theme. The sky’s the limit […]

Berry Swirl Guest Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals An adorable guest soap tutorial with added poppy seeds and a moisturizing oil. This will make a wonderful last minute gift that looks anything but last minute! This tutorial will make 16 Berry Swirl guest soaps. delightful soaps to charm your guests!   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave safe glass container […]

Honey Bee Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals A honey of a tutorial! You’ll be surprised how a simple packaging supply product can enhance the look of your soaps! This tutorial will make two Honey Bee Soaps. a fun soap to make (and use!)   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave safe glass container Sharp knife Spray bottle with rubbing […]

How to Make Confetti Soap

by Rustic Escentuals We love the look of this soap and the scent is awesome! This soap tutorial uses a moisturizing Shea Butter soap base with clear confetti type shreds. You’ll end up with 9 slices of soap – plenty to last a long time. Enjoy and share with your friends and family! Skills: embedding, […]

How to Make Toy Soaps

by Rustic Esentuals It’s time to do something for the kids! In this tutorial you will be using small toys as embeds to create a fun soap for the young ones as well as the young at heart. These are perfect for gifts and birthday party favors. Technique: embedding Skill level: beginner   Supplies and […]

How to Make Chunky Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals This tutorial will show you how to use chunky embeds to create a wonderful looking soap. Preparation is key for this tutorial. You will need to create the embeds and have them ready to go before making this soap. Let’s get started!   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave safe glass containers Sharp […]

Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 3

by Rustic Escentuals There are so many ways to use the versatile little loofah in soaps. Here is a simple, yet creative tutorial showing you one of the many ways you can customize soaps using Loofah slices. Check out Loofah soap tutorial #1 and #2 for more ways to be creative with these! simple, yet […]

Travel Soaps in Clamshell Molds

by Rustic Escentuals Another convenient travel soap, this time in clamshells. Take your favorite soaps with you wherever you go! Perfect for those holiday travel plans, at relatives or hotels. Also another great way to use up any left over soap from previous projects for last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Check out the Soap […]

Floating Holiday Dots Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals Lately I have had polka dots on my mind. No idea why, but I am seeing them everywhere, so I thought floating holiday dots would be a cute tutorial for the holidays and hostess gifts! This tutorial will show you how to use the Shimmer Dust Glitter to make floating polka dots […]

How to Make Soap Sticks

by Rustic Escentuals Convenient travel soap in a tube. These little personal portable soaps are perfect for traveling. Keep one in your purse or gym bag, you’ll never know when you’ll need some soap! Each one is about 1.2 ounces of soap. A perfect size for those on the go. These also make ideal stocking […]

Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 2

by Rustic Escentuals These Loofah Slices are so much fun to work with! Here is another Loofah soap tutorial, but with a different spin. We’re going to grind up the loofah before adding it to the soap. This makes a slightly gentler scrubby loofah soap. Don’t forget to check out the first Loofah Soap Tutorial! […]

Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 1

by Rustic Escentuals It’s that time of year when our skin needs some extra exfoliation. Here is a soap that will make you soft and smooth in no time. It’s especially useful for those pesky tough areas like your heels. This is a two-part tutorial. In this tutorial I will be using sliced loofah for […]

Icy Peppermint Soap Loaf

by Rustic Escentuals A wonderful soap for the cold weather! It’s a loaf soap with white Shea butter soap curls and a sparking peppermint scent. This will give you 9 slices of soap, enough for you and your friends. Skills: embedding, soap loaf sparkling peppermint scented winter soap!   Supplies and Equipment Needed Large Microwave […]

Winter Wonderland Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals I had several embeds left over from last week’s Holiday Tree Embed Tutorial and decided to use them for this week’s Winter Wonderland tutorial. This is a wonderful way to use up excess soap from previous projects! If you’re looking for an awesome Christmas idea – look no further! These are so […]