Jelly Soap Tub Tutorial

Three easy ways to make and package versatile Jelly Soap Base. Color coordinate your soap colors and fragrance oils or just use one – the creativity is limitless for this fun soap base so use your imagination!

how to make tubs of jelly soap

Supplies and equipment needed:
Microwave (or double boiler method)
Microwave safe glass container
Butter knife to cut soap into small pieces
Rubber gloves
Silicone Jelly Pan
Disposable pipettes
Jelly Soap Base
8 oz. Natural Jelly Soap Tubs with Lids
Soap Fragrance Oil of choice
Mica colorant: featured colors are Purple Passion, Royal Blue, Passion Orange, Buttercup, and Icicle
.15cc scoop (5)

supplies needed to make tubs of jelly soap

jelly soap base

Important Notes:
• The recommended melt temperature is 185° F, therefore not suitable for children to make.
• When removing this container from the microwave or stove, use oven mitts to help protect hands from getting burned.
• If using a microwave to heat up the soap base, do not place container onto a cold counter top after removing from the microwave. The base will be close to 185° F and this may cause the container to crack. To be safe, place container onto a warm towel or cutting board after removing from a microwave.
• Once the soap base is ready for soap colorant and fragrance oil, work fast because the soap base will start to thicken quickly.

For this tutorial, we will be using the microwave method. For more information, see the Basic Jelly Soap Tutorial for tips on how to use the double broiler method.


Step 1
Cut up approximately 16 ounces of Jelly Soap into small pieces. TIP: Cutting up the Jelly Soap base will help in the melting process.

Step 2
Place the Jelly Soap base into a heat safe/microwave safe container. Cover the container to prevent too much moisture from escaping. Melt for approximately 30 seconds, and then follow up with 30 to 15 second increments until fully melted. Be careful as this soap base can easily boil in a microwave. Stir slowly in between to ensure that the base is being evenly heated.

Step 3
As the soap base begins to cool, using a disposable pipette quickly add 4 ml’s of the soap scent fragrance oil to the base and stir.
Step 4
Using a .15 cc scoop, add 4 scoops of Purple Passion Mica to the melted soap base and stir in slowly. For an alternate way to mix micas into the Jelly Soap Base, follow the steps in the Jelly Soap Loaf Tutorial on how to mix micas into the Jelly Soap Base. Either way works well.

add fragrance oil and desired mica color

Step 5
Pour the base into a silicone jelly pan and let cool.

pour into silicone jelly pan and let cool

Step 6
While the purple base is setting, repeat Steps 1 – 5 using 4 scoops of Icicle Mica and 4 ml of soap scent fragrance oil.

Step 7
As the 2nd color is setting, take the purple Jelly Soap out of the jelly pan and begin to shred into small pieces, filling the bottom of the Jelly Soap Tub 1/3 of the way up.

shred the purple base into small pieces

Step 8
The white Jelly Soap base will be ready after 15 – 20 minutes. Once cool, shred the white Jelly soap and layer on top of the purple shreds 2/3 of the way up the container.

fill bottom of tub container

Step 9
Repeat with the purple shreds layering to the top of the container. Once filled, press the lid on and store in a cool area.

confetti jelly soap - ready for use


The easiest of all is the solid color jelly soap in a tub.

Step 1
Using Steps 1 – 4 from the confetti tutorial above, use 8 ounces of Jelly Soap base, 2 scoops of Royal Blue Mica and 3 ml of soap fragrance oil. Pour to the top of the tub leaving a 1/4 inch to 1/2 inch space.

pour solid color

Step 2
Let cool then press the lid on and store in a cool area. Pour a variety of colors and scents this way!

solid colors ready for use


For something a little different, it’s super easy to create a layered Jelly Soap Tub. Each tub holds approximately 8 ounces of Jelly Soap. Plan out ahead how much soap base is needed for each color and fragrance oil choice. This tutorial is showing 5 separate colored layers.

Step 1
Follow Steps 1 – 4 from the Confetti tutorial above and melt each layer of jelly soap and pour into container. Wait about 10 minutes between each layer. Because the layers are small, melt the Jelly Soap Base in approximately 15-second increments.

Each layer color and amount of ingredients is as follows:

BUTTERCUP: 1.5 ounces of Jelly Soap Base, 1 scoop of mica and 1/2 ml of soap scent
PURPLE PASSION: 1.5 ounces of Jelly Soap Base, 1 scoop of mica and 1/2 ml of soap scent
ICILE: 1.5 ounces of Jelly Soap Base, 1 scoop of mica and 1/2 ml of soap scent
ROYAL BLUE: 1.5 ounces of Jelly Soap Base, 1 scoop of mica and 1/2 ml of soap scent
PASSION ORANGE: 1.5 ounces of Jelly Soap Base, 1 scoop of mica and 1/2 ml of soap scent

Step 2
Pour all layers and let cool. Press the lid on and store in a cool area.

pour all layers and let cool

To use, scoop out a spoonful and use as normal soap. Do not introduce water to the container.

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