Scoopable Tart Wax Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals

By changing the manner in which you offer tart wax, you open up limitless ideas. We use the traditional ingredients to make tarts: wax and candle fragrance oil. However, no melting is required. This technique allows you to offer a scented, scoopable wax. Because it’s in scoopable form, you can use as much or as little as you like in a tart melter. You also have the option of mixing scents to create endless combinations in the tart melter. It couldn’t be easier!

finished product

Materials needed
KY PureSoy wax OR Golden Brands 464 wax
Large Heavy-Duty Ziploc Baggie
Large Glass Jar w/lid
Fragrance Oil
Rolling pin


Step 1
Transfer 2 cups of Soy Wax into Ziploc baggie. Seal the baggie letting out most of the air. Use the rolling pin to break the wax up into smaller pieces. Roll over the baggie several times. The wax will flatten so break up with your hands. Continue this process until the wax is in smaller pieces. Once the wax is broken into smaller pieces, transfer to glass jar.



this video will show you how to break up your wax


what your finished wax pieces should look like

Step 2
Add appropriate amount of fragrance oil, approximately .8oz to the jar & wax. Stir well to incorporate the fragrance oil into the wax. Cover the jar. Shake the jar every day until all the oil is absorbed into the wax. The absorption process will take a few days – however, once all the fragrance oil is absorbed, the tart wax is ready to use! Scoop out and put in a warmer.

wax in jar


adding fragrance oil




jar with lid


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