Night on the Town Soap Loaf

by Rustic Escentuals Embedding large curled embeds that are tinted with 24K Gold and Black Mica make an elegant soap. Scent it the soap with Little Black Dress fragrance oil and you have a winner! This is an advanced soap tutorial.   Supplies and Equipment Needed Microwave safe glass containers (one 8 ounce and another […]

Money Embedded in Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals If you need a unique gift for someone, this will definitely surprise them! This soap tutorial will show you how to insert folded origami money into a bar of soap. A unique and fun way to give the gift of money, or to use as party favors! Great to use as a […]

How to Wrap Handmade Soap

by Bonnie Bartley When I teach soap making, I am often asked about wrapping handmade soap. Here is a tutorial on how I wrap my soap. My cold process soaps are simply packaged in cotton muslin bags with a hang tag. The folded business card size tags allow plenty of room for all the ingredients […]

Neapolitan Ice Cream Soap Loaf

by Rustic Escentuals I had some Neapolitan ice cream the other day and thought – Neapolitan Soap! You’ve already learned some layering skills in the Learning to Layer Melt & Pour Soap tutorial, let’s go ahead and step it up.   Supplies and Equipment Needed Microwave safe glass containers Scale Sharp knife to cut soap […]