Layered Votives Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals

Layered votive candles are a fun, quick way to showcase your creativity and add some pizzazz to plain candles. You can coordinate colors with scents or make custom creations for parties, special occasions,Home decor, seasons, Holidays, baby and wedding showers, etc.

layered candle votives tutorial

Materials List:
Votive/Pillar Candle Wax
KY 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax
KY 143 Paraffin Pillar Wax
KY Para-Soy Tart & Votive Blend (used in this tutorial)
Digital Scale
Candle Fragrance Oils (2)**
Candle Dyes (2)**
Pour Pitcher
Votive Molds (2)
Votive Wick Pins (2)
36-24-24 Zinc Votive Wicks (2)
Presto Pot or double boiler to melt wax
Metal Spoon to stir wax
Safety goggles
Apron to protect clothing
Wax paper, old newspapers or aluminum foil

supplies needed to make layered candle votives

Step 1
Cover counter with wax paper, old newspapers or aluminum foil to make clean up easier. Prepare the votive molds by placing a wick pin in each mold. Set these off to the side.

Tip: Place the votive molds w/wick pins on a cookie sheet to make moving them easier.

votive molds with wicks on cookie sheet

Step 2
Melt the wax with the chosen method IE: presto pot, double boiler. Make sure to follow the wax manufacturer melting & pouring guidelines for correct temperatures.
For this tutorial, KY Para-Soy Votive/Tart Blend** is being used so it will need to beHeated to approx 165F per the manufacturer guidelines. Use the thermometer to correctly monitor the temperature.

Step 3
Set the pour pot on the digital scale and tare. Transfer needed amount of wax to pour pot — in this tutorial (2) 2 oz layered votives will be created, so 6 oz* total of wax will be needed. Transfer 3 oz* of wax, and add .3 oz of Rustic Escentuals CoffeeHouse Fragrance Oil** for the first layer. Stir well (approx 2 min). Then add 1 drop of Rustic Escentuals Espresso Liquid Premium Liquid Colorant** candle dye.

transferring wax with ladle & adding scented/colored wax

Step 4
When mixtureHas cooled to approx 155-160° pour into votive molds. Fill approximately half way.

first pour

Step 5
Once the first pour has cooled enough that it has stopped shrinking, prepare to pour the second layer. (It should look close to the below photo.)

first pour shrinkage

Step 6 (basically repeating step #3 for second layer)
Set the pour pot on the digital scale and tare. Transfer 3 oz* of wax, and add .3 oz of Rustic Escentuals Warm Vanilla Nutmeg Fragrance Oil** for the first layer. Stir well (approx 2 minutes). (The top layer of this demonstration candle is white so no colorant is necessary.)

Step 7
When this mixture has cooled to approx 155° begin pouring the second layer. Fill to right below where the votive mold begins to flare out. Once the candle is cooled, it may need an additional re-pour so make sure to save the leftover wax from the second layer for the re-pour.

second pour

repour if necessary

Step 8
Let the candles cool completely. If they don’t fall out by simply inverting the mold, give a firm, quick tap on a sturdy surface — this should loosen them, and then they’ll fall right out. Remove wick pin, insert wicks, and let cure for 48Hours. Enjoy!

final layered candle votives

*Wax weights are approximate and not exact.
** Wax, fragrance & colorant selections in this tutorial are for demonstrative purposes only.

All measurements are by weight, not volume.


  • Cover counter with wax paper, old newspapers or aluminum foil to make clean up easier.
  • Be sure to wear safety goggles for eye protection. You do not want to be splashed in the eye with hot wax! Remember with wax – safety first.
  • Waxes used in making candles are very similar to cooking oils – they are flammable and they are poured at high temperatures, but with certain precautions, accidents may be avoided. NEVER HEAT WAX ABOVE 210°F.
  • For safety, wax should be melted in a double boiler. Wax should NEVER be heated directly over an open flame or burner. Direct heating can cause wax to explode and result in serious injury.
  • Use of a thermometer is advised to ensure proper wax pouring temperature.
  • Never leave hot wax unattended. Keep children and pets away from the area where wax is being melted and poured.
  • Never pour water in a wax fire. Water will cause the fire to spread. To extinguish a fire in a pan, cover the pan with its lid. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  • Never pour melted wax into the sink or other drains.
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