Pillar Candle Tutorials

What is it about a flickering candle that creates such a feeling of peace and tranquility? What would life be like without the soft glow of the lit wick and the scent of Banana Bread filling the room? Boring and stinky - that's what! But even without the wick, the heavenly aroma that wafts from a tart melter is enough to make even Oscar the Grouch a happy monster. Boost your profit potential with the ideas shared by your fellow chandlers - and make the world a better smelling place at the same time.

How to Make Wax Chunks

A popular and widely varied variety of candles are chunk candles – chunk votives, chunk pillars, chunk containers, and chunk tarts (or chunk wax melts). And there are white chunks, colored chunks, multi-colored chunks, assorted sizes of chunks, and assorted shapes of chunks! You name it – there are limitless possibilities. A wax “chunk” for […]

Grubby Candle Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Grubby candles are fun to make and give a unique textured finish to the outside of your pillar candle. This is a great way to use up your “not so perfect” candles. If you don’t want to pour a pillar candle to make for this project, you can easily use a store-bought […]

Grubby Cut-Out Candle Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Grubby Cut-out candles take grubbies to the next level! These candles are visually appealing because they combine a variety of colors and textures in one candle. The whipped wax gives a nice outer texture to the candle while the inner pillar color adds a completely different color view to the cut-out. This […]

Snowball Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals These round candles are always adorably cute year round, but are especially fun during the winter months and holidays. Sprinkled with a bit of Iridescent Diamond Dust Glitter, we’ll show you how to make a snowball candle shimmer just like real snow and ice. You can choose to pour a round candle […]

How to Make Candle Carvings

by Rustic Escentuals Our non-traditional version of carving candles produces customized candles in just about any way you can imagine! You can choose to make the pillar candle yourself or purchase one from the store – and then the choice is yours over how to decorate it. The only limit is your imagination! Use the […]

How to Make Confetti Cube Candles

by Kathy Heindel Ingredients 1/2 lb. Pillar Wax (such as: Ky 143 Paraffin Pillar Wax or Ky All-Natural Pillar & Votive Wax) Colorant: candle dye flakes or chips or liquid candle dye Scented oil for candles – one half ounce Candle Wick – 51/32/18 zinc core or similar Empty pint milk or cream carton Equipment […]

Chunk Pillar Instructions

by Rhonda Gaylord Supplies needed to make chunk pillar candles: Pillar Molds / Wick Pins Mold Sealant Paraffin Wax Scales Fragrance Oil Knife to cut wax into cubes Melting Pot Spoon to stir Coloring / dye Cookie Sheet   Before starting, decide what color chunks and overpour you want to use with your fragrance choice. […]

Rustic Tilted Layered Pillars

by Karla Gragg     Equipment, wax, dyes, and fabulous fragrances are available at Rustic Escentuals! Just use the handy links below. First — Gather everything you will need: Candle wax Digital Scales Fragrance Oil Candle Dye(s) Pour Pots (will need one for each color you intend to use) Thermometers Candle Mold (set up with […]

How to Make Candles Shimmer and Sparkle

by Vickey Robinson Make everyday and seasonal candles sparkle and shimmer! This is an easy candle making project and leaves the door open for limitless creativity. You can start with a candle you made yourself or a candle purchased from the store. This project allows you to make any candle your own with color, sparkle […]