Scent Blending Tutorials

Create your own custom, unique scent with our Scent Blending ideas! The amount of each fragrance used is up to you. Add more of the notes you love and create something that is different from everyone else.


A note about scent blending..
We are often asked why we don't give amounts for each scent. We don’t give specific amounts because what one person may like another person may not. It is up to each person to determine what part of each scent to use. Let's use the Twilight blend as an example. One person might want it heavy on the lavender and someone else might want the smallest touch of lavender. We just give you the oils to work with to come up with your own blend. Hopefully this helps a bit!


You can easily find your own levels of each by using a pipette (one for each scent) and just doing 1 drop of each fragrance into a small cup or container. Then adjust from there. You might find that you need 2 parts of one, 3 parts of another, 1 part of the third. This comes from adding one little drop at a time, swirling to mix, and then sniffing to see how it smells. You don’t need to use a ton of FO to accomplish this. I generally use *at most* 1 full pipette of oils total to find what works for me.Make sure you note how many drops of each. Voila! You'll want to use your calculator and math to determine the quantities of each oil based on the number of drops used.


For example: in this fictitious blend we used 20 drops of A, 15 drops of B, and 10 drops of C. In ounces this would be 1 ounce of A, 3/4 ounce of B, and 1/2 ounce of C for a total weight of 2 1/4 ounces.

Scent Blend – Summertime Cake

It’s summertime, the sky is (usually) blue, the sun is warm, and fresh berry cakes are all the rage. Fresh, juicy strawberries. Succulent, flavorful blueberries. And a rich cream cake with decadent frosting. I’m hungry now! This scent is sugary sweet, berry fresh, and together – amazing! If you are into bakery blends, this would […]

Scent Blend – Scottish Apothecary

A short while ago, we held a Scent Blending contest on our Facebook page. We received a huge number of totally awesome blends and had a very difficult time picking a winner…so we chose 5 winners instead! Karen J. Tallent Dietrich was one of those winners and today we present her custom blend: Scottish Apothecary. […]

Scent Blend – Seaside Carnival

Summertime at the beach. Salt spray in the air. The warm sun on your skin. And the sounds of the carnival rides and laughter. And what’s what you smell? Vanilla ice cream. Funnel cake. And everything else that your inner child longs to enjoy. Our best selling Salty Sea Air is blended with an equal […]

Scent Blend – Bearded Man

A short while ago, we held a Scent Blending contest on our Facebook page. We received a huge number of totally awesome blends and had a very difficult time picking a winner…so we chose 5 winners instead! Amanda Jackson was one of those winners and today we present her custom blend: Bearded Man. She uses […]

Scent Blend – Green Apple Cake Pops

This scent is SO yummy, you’ll want to eat it – but please don’t. Fresh green apples are mixed with the most delicious birthday cake imaginable and then held together with sticky, gooey toasted marshmallows. Sweet, tart, and amazing all in one. It’s the perfect melding of juicy apples and sweet, delicate cake. The toasted […]

Scent Blend – Twilight

So, we can’t guarantee that creating this blend will bring out the sparkly, devilishly handsome vampires or the muscular, long-haired wolves, but we can state that this is one AMAZING blend. Alluring, mysterious, musky, earthy and woodsy with a hint of sweetness. This a powerful scent that will please both men and women (and everything […]

Scent Blend – Country Skillet Bread

If you’ve ever been to the southern part of the US (we’re talking sweet tea and hush puppies, ya’all!) then you might have tasted skillet bread. Basically corn bread cooked in a skillet and drizzled with warm maple syrup and lots and lots of butter. Comfort food, oh yeah! Our version of this heartwarming treat […]

Scent Blend – Apple Spice Cake

We’ve combined a few favorite fragrance oils to create a delicious new treat! Apple Spice Cake. You can use Birthday Cake OR you can use Tres Leches Cake for a cream cheese frosted apple spice cake. Yummy! Sweet and spicy apples are perfectly blended with the best birthday cake you’ve ever tasted resulting in a […]

Scent Blend – American Cowboy

He sits atop his well-trained horse, chiseled face tanned and lined from years in the sun. Hat pulled lowed over his eyes, he flicks the end of a match with his thick thumbnail and lights his cigar. The smoke dances into the air as he gazes around – ever watchful and aware of everything around […]

Scent Blend – Gumball Princess

Sweet! Sweet! Sweet! Remember your teenage years with the lip gloss and all the yummy perfumes like candy, bubblegum, fruits, and more? We’re going back to those years with this awesome blend. Juicy pineapples plus ripe, sweet mangoes, and pink bubblegum combine to make a sweet and sticky blend. It’s like walking into a teen […]

Scent Blend – Cranberry Bliss Bars

Starbucks is great for more than just coffee. How about their Cranberry Bliss Bars? A delicious bar cookie base studded with candied ginger, cranberries, and white chocolate chips over which a deliciously tangy cream cheese icing is spread. Delicious! And now you can create this yearly favorite in a scent blend. We’re using our Tres […]

Scent Blend – Lavender Iced Mocha

Today is a fabulous blend – intoxicating and oh so very delicious. Lavender Iced Mocha or (for those who don’t prefer chocolate) Lavender Iced Coffee. Yummmmm! There are a few states in the US where lavender grows like it does in Provence, France. Fields of purple hued plants, gently waving in the breeze. The herbal […]

Scent Blend – Flower Garden Tea Party

A gentle breeze passes over the flowers in the garden, imparting their sweet and delicate fragrance. Herbal white tea steeps in the teapot, the escaping steam casting a fresh scent over the table. A delicate white cake topped with freshly picked raspberries is waiting to be eaten. The smell of the mown grass lingers in […]

Scent Blend – Saturday Morning Cartoons

Today we’re mixing up a Saturday morning scent blend. Cereal, juice, and cartoons. Woo! Many a child spent their Saturday mornings sitting in front of the tv watching hours of cartoons while enjoying a heaping bowl of cereal and a glass of juice. I know I did! This blend will taken you back to your […]

Scent Blend – Caramel Apple Pie

Today we are gorging ourselves with caramel covered apple pie a la mode. YUM! Who doesn’t love apple pie? The fresh sliced apples cooked just until tender, the sweet, spiced filling with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ice cream melting on top of a fresh slice right from the oven. Now let’s take it to a […]

Scent Blend – Hawaiian Beach Vacay

It’s time for vacay Scent Blend! How about a Hawaiian Beach Vacay? On Oahu, there are countless fruit stands lining the winding roads. Here the vendors sell juicy and refreshing pineapple spears and freshly picked coconuts with a hole drilled on the top and a straw to suck out the goodness… as well as a […]

Scent Blend – Strawberry Shortcake

It’s time for Monday Scent Blending! Today we are creating a delicious summer treat – Strawberry Shortcake. There are 2 different versions you can make depending on whether you like your Strawberry Shortcake with ice cream or whipped cream. Of course, you can be bold and make it with both! The fragrance oil components of […]

Scent Blend – County Fair

Do you remember being a kid and going to the county fair? The air was heavy with the mouth-watering scents of funnel cake, caramel apples, and cotton candy. I used to beg my mom to PLEASE let me get something yummy! Just one thing! When she gave me the crisp dollar bills, I would run […]

Scent Blend – S’mores

What would a campfire be without ooey, gooey, chocolatey s’mores? The crisp graham cracker sandwiching a molten marshmallow and square of chocolate that melds them all together. SO yummy. My mouth is watering at the thought. And yours can as well when you blend a few of our fragrance oils to create your own custom […]