Hot Process Soap Tutorials

Remember those chemistry sets that were around when we were kids? You could mix this and that together and exciting things would happen. Or not so exciting if you were mom and had to clean up the resulting mess. Thankfully, soaping is a mess that really cleans itself. It's like being a kid again - the excitement that comes from seeing the lye react to the oils and create... soap! Beautiful, cleansing, bubbly soap. And like bath & body, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to soaping. Pick a tutorial below and let's get to work!

How to Use Mica Colorants in Soap

by Rustic Escentuals Here are some tips and tricks to help you get started learning how to use micas in melt and pour soap base. For this soap tutorial I am introducing the Blackstar micas in red, blue, green and gold. Blackstar micas are rich, deep hues that sparkle and can be used as is, […]

How to Make Hot Process Soap

by Bill Barnhill   Items Needed: (Makes enough for two bread pans) Safety goggles Safety gloves Chemical mask Crockpot Lg. Stainless steel mixing spoon Silicone spatula or plastic spatula Soap molds Freezer paper Digital scale Stick blender Cutting board Plastic pitcher Container for lye Ingredients: 16 oz. Coconut oil 16 oz. Olive oil 0.64 oz. […]

Soap Packaging Ideas

by Rustic Escentuals   Packaging soap for sale or gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many simple ways you can pretty up your packaging with items you have around the house or a quick stop at the dollar or craft store! Before you package your soap, you need to know that Melt […]

Rescue CP/OP Tutorial

by Dreaming Tree Soapworks CP/OP is the common soaper abbreviation for Cold Process/then Oven Processing the batch. It’s actually a very simple procedure, but what’s more important is understanding the pros, cons, and precautions of this method. How CP/OP works is unlike regular Cold Processing (where the soap is left to fully saponify over a […]