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This is your one-stop-source for projects, ideas, techniques, tutorials, and recipes for all different types of handcrafted goods. Whether you are a newbie who would like to learn the basics of candle making, a seasoned chandler looking for the latest greatest, or a soaper wanting to learn the art of making dessert themed soap… there is something for you here.

Pull up a chair, light your favorite candle, and settle in for a delightful time perusing through the different projects that are offered here. It is our hope that you will find at least one project, idea, or recipe that will inspire you to new heights of creative genius and increased sales. Or maybe help you to become the most popular person at birthday parties and other gift-giving occasions.

NEW! Scent Blending: Check out our newest category – Scent Blending. Learn to blend custom scents and develop your own unique fragrance line. It’s a lot of fun!

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