Special Soap Tutorials

Remember those chemistry sets that were around when we were kids? You could mix this and that together and exciting things would happen. Or not so exciting if you were mom and had to clean up the resulting mess. Thankfully, soaping is a mess that really cleans itself. It's like being a kid again - the excitement that comes from seeing the lye react to the oils and create... soap! Beautiful, cleansing, bubbly soap. And like bath & body, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to soaping. Pick a tutorial below and let's get to work!

Whipped Cream Soap for Bath Parfaits

Two fun ideas to make with the Foaming Bath Butter Base! Use your creativity to come up with different soap parfaits for women, men and children – combine scents with coordinating colors for unique creations. You can even make special parfaits for the holidays using micas for bright colors – Christmas, autumn, Easter, etc. In […]

Bathtub Soap Paint Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Make bath time fun AND soapy for the little ones!   Supplies and equipment needed Medium to large mixing bowl Spoons Spatula Measuring spoons (tablespoon) Hand mixer Rubber gloves Squeeze bottles (2 oz size) 6 to 8 Zip lock bags Digital Scale (not shown) Disposable pipette Foaming Bath Butter (16 oz) Macintosh […]

Whipped Soap – Great for Beginners!

by Bobbie Bohack -Jackson I will be honest here – I myself am fairly new to soaping. Out of a desire to use our fresh goat milk, and a love for all things creative, I have taken on the soaping challenge by jumping in with both feet! There have been some bumps in the road […]

Silk Soap Petal/Leaf Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Silk Soap Leaves are an easy, beautiful fall soap tutorial. These are so fun to make, you won’t be able to stop! “Use like a bar of soap. Lather, rinse, toss and go!” – unknown Use like a bar of soap — lather, rinse, toss, and go!   Supplies and equipment needed […]

Soap Packaging Ideas

by Rustic Escentuals   Packaging soap for sale or gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many simple ways you can pretty up your packaging with items you have around the house or a quick stop at the dollar or craft store! Before you package your soap, you need to know that Melt […]

Whipped Shaving Soap

Another Father’s Day gift idea! This tutorial will show you how to whip up some shaving soap using the Foaming Bath Butter, which is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. This whipped up so yummy, I came THIS close to licking the spoon! Check out our “How to Use Foaming Bath Butter” tutorial to learn […]

How to Use Foaming Bath Butter

by Rustic Escentuals The Foaming Bath Butter is such a versatile product – you can make just about anything soapy with it! This is a Paraben-free base that is so much fun to customize. In this tutorial we are going to start with the basic process – keep tuned for future fun such as sugar […]

How to Make Gemstone Soap Rocks

by Bonnie Bartley Yes, these are truly easy to make. Even my very first attempts came out great, yours will, too. Here’s how! Follow standard procedures for working with melt & pour soap (MP). You will need: Transparent Glycerin Soap Base White Glycerin Soap Base – if desired Colorants – micas, oxides or liquid colorants […]