Bath & Body Tutorials

Lotions, creams, perfumes, bubble bath, shower gel, scrubs, foot spray, deodorant, the list is endless and the possibilities limitless. We're talking Bath & Body: the Holy Grail of the handcrafted world. For every product you can dream up there are a vast number of ways to create it and and even greater number of ways to package it. This section of the Library will help assist you in your quest for creating the perfect B&B product - from concept through packaging and sales.

Fun Foaming Bubble Bath

By Rustic Escentuals A bubble bath can be fun and whimsical or it can be aromatic and relaxing – or anywhere in between. No matter what your age, just about everyone loves a bubble bath! Bubble baths help relieve stress and get you clean while you’re enjoying the bubbles. Our tutorial gives you an easy […]

Whipped Cream Soap for Bath Parfaits

Two fun ideas to make with the Foaming Bath Butter Base! Use your creativity to come up with different soap parfaits for women, men and children – combine scents with coordinating colors for unique creations. You can even make special parfaits for the holidays using micas for bright colors – Christmas, autumn, Easter, etc. In […]

Jelly Soap Tub Tutorial

Three easy ways to make and package versatile Jelly Soap Base. Color coordinate your soap colors and fragrance oils or just use one – the creativity is limitless for this fun soap base so use your imagination! Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave (or double boiler method) Microwave safe glass container Butter knife to cut soap […]

Winter Shower Steamers Tutorial

A perfect set of Shower Steamers for the long winter months! Place one shower steamer on the floor of the shower opposite the shower head. When the steam and mist hit it, the shower steamer will release a wonderful, invigorating fragrance. Make a variety of scented steamers for whichever mood you’re in! You can color […]

How to Make Dry Oil Perfume Spray

A quick and easy way to create a wonderful smelling perfume or cologne that dries quickly and isn’t greasy! Using the Artisan’s Perfume Base, Cyclomethicone, and Fragrance Oil of your choice, this spray will leave a silky smooth feeling when sprayed directly onto the skin as well as imparting a cooling effect. Because it’s inexpensive […]

Sugar Scrub Soap Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This tutorial will show you how to make a Solid Sugar Scrub Soap, which will provide you with a wonderful exfoliating. moisturizing lather. These are helpful to have on hand both summer and winter when the skin can get dry from the sun, wind, and being outside for extended periods of time. […]

Foaming Sugar Scrub Holiday Sampler

by Rustic Escentuals A wonderful Holiday Sampler Pack of Foaming Sugar Scrubs in luscious holiday scents. This is easy to make and super wonderful to use. Makes perfect gifts and also great for craft shows. This tutorial will make approximately 4 sets depending on how full you fill the cups.
   Supplies and Equipment Needed […]

Bathtub Soap Paint Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Make bath time fun AND soapy for the little ones!   Supplies and equipment needed Medium to large mixing bowl Spoons Spatula Measuring spoons (tablespoon) Hand mixer Rubber gloves Squeeze bottles (2 oz size) 6 to 8 Zip lock bags Digital Scale (not shown) Disposable pipette Foaming Bath Butter (16 oz) Macintosh […]

How to Make Cuticle Balm

by Rustic Escentuals Cuticle Balm is applied directly to the cuticles and rubbed in – it’s moisturizing and helps promote smooth, silky skin for prettier hands. This tutorial features a natural cuticle balm that’s easy to make – you need only 3 ingredients!   Supplies and Equipment Needed Spoon or butter knife for stirring Rubber […]

Oatmeal Shower Scrub Sachet Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals If your skin needs a little TLC this summer, what better way than using oatmeal to pamper and help relieve dryness? This tutorial will show you how to make an oatmeal shower scrub sachet. It’s so easy to make and keep on hand for when you need to treat yourself.   Supplies […]

Multi Colored Bath Bomb Tutorial

Bath bombs are a fun way to take a relaxing, soothing, and skin-loving bath. Plop one into your bath and experience the lovely scent escaping with each fizz. In this tutorial we display a technique to make multi colored bath bombs. To learn other techniques and recipes, check out the Bath & Body section of […]

Whipped Shea Butter Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This easy whipped Shea Butter tutorial is perfect any time your skin needs extra pampering. Shea Butter is nice for skin whether it’s dry from harsh winter or parched from being in the hot summer sun. This recipe will make 16 oz (in weight) of Whipped Shea Butter. It’s a simple recipe […]

How to Make Lotion Chips

by Rustic Escentuals Small moisture rich chips of solid lotion! So easy to make and easy to apply. You can store these in any container, such as a portable lip balm tin or a larger cosmetic jar, and apply whenever needed.   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave — or Mini-Melting Pot (optional) Large microwave safe […]

How to Make Shower Steamers

by Rustic Escentuals Shower Steamers are a great way to add a variety of fragrances to your shower for a little aromatherapy. Place the steamer on the floor of the shower opposite the shower head so that the steam and shower mist gently hits it. Feeling sick? Add some fragrances along with herbs and mints. […]

Infused Bath Melts Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This is our second bath math tutorial because it has a slightly different twist. We’re adding Dead Sea Salts and herbs to give you an idea of some of the many things you can add to bath melts to make these a wonderful gift.   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave – or […]

Basic Bath Melts Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Making Bath Melts could not be easier! These are fast & easy to make and are a great way to soothe the skin from the upcoming summer heat and sun!   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave – or Mini-Melting Pot (optional) Microwave safe glass container Butter knives for stirring Spoon Rubber gloves […]

How to Make Monster Spray

by Rustic Escentuals This is a wonderful spray to banish those monsters and other undesirables that hide in the closet or under the bed. This works great in getting rid of those nasty old bad dreams too. Scent your spray with a calming, clean scent like Clementine Lavender and your little ones will know for […]

Solid Perfume Tutorial

We will be using the super versatile Natural Lip Balm Base as the base for this solid perfume tutorial. Solid perfumes are wonderfully easy to make and carry with an added bonus of not having to worry about spillage. Tuck into your purse or bag for on-the-go scenting of your favorite fragrance! Supplies and Equipment […]

How to Make Foaming Bath Salts

by Rustic Escentuals Foaming bath salts made with Dead Sea Salt give a luxurious, pampering, and skin loving bath! luxurious, pampering, skin loving bath with Foaming Bath Salts!   Items Needed 1/2 cup Liquid Glycerin Soap Base 2 Tbsp. light oil ( Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil) Gel Soap Colorant (a few drops) 6 […]

Make Bath Bombs using Fizzy Bath Base

by Jody Lane for Rustic Escentuals A bath bomb is a hard-packed mixture of chemicals which effervesces when wet. They are used to add scent and color to bathwater. They are also called bath fizzies or bath snowballs. Make bath time a special occasion, not a boring ritual, by enjoying the fragrant bliss and silky […]

Foaming Bath Butter Sugar Scrub Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals As promised, another tutorial using the wonderful Foaming Bath Butter Base. This tutorial will show you how to create a scrumptious sugar scrub. It’s easy to make and wonderful to use! You will need to whip the base as shown in the Foaming Bath Butter Tutorial. Let’s get started!   Supplies and […]