the Business Side of Crafting

Looking to turn your hobby into a business? This section will deal with the basic fundamentals of what it takes to move from hobbyist to pro. And like every other part of the Library, we welcome your input! If you have something you think would help others to make their dreams a reality and a success, please let us know.

Important Note from Rustic Escentuals: Are you wondering how you're supposed to label bath and body products? Bath and body products (including lip balm) are considered cosmetics by the FDA. You can check here to find all the information you need and have your questions answered. Be safe and label properly!

How to Calculate Candle Burn Time

by Rustic Escentuals The below listed steps show you how to calculate the burn time of any candle whether it’s a container, pillar, or votive.   Supplies Needed Candle Digital Scale * The numbers used in this example do not depict an actual test burn. Step 1: Measure the weight of your candle. It’s easiest […]

How to Wrap Handmade Soap

by Bonnie Bartley When I teach soap making, I am often asked about wrapping handmade soap. Here is a tutorial on how I wrap my soap. My cold process soaps are simply packaged in cotton muslin bags with a hang tag. The folded business card size tags allow plenty of room for all the ingredients […]

How to Take Great Photos

submitted by Curtis Durham Here are some simple steps to immediately improve your product photos… 1. This first step is the most important step. If you complete this first step, you will improve your photography by leaps and bounds. Are you ready to discover what this “magic bullet” can do? Yes? Here it is: Sit […]