Father's Day Tutorials

Tutorials to get you in the seasonal spirit! Great for gifting, making for parties, or selling during the appropriate holiday! Whatever the holiday may be, we are sure to have a tutorial to help make it even more special.

Football Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Autumn scents are in the air along with autumn activities. This is a perfect time for a soap making tutorial to cheer on football season – it will bring out the cheers from everyone! Skills: Using micas, layering   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave safe glass containers (2) Sharp knife to […]

Honey Ale Beer Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals It’s getting warm out there and there are a lot of picnics and parties to go to. This makes a cute gift! A nice cold glass of beer (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) soap. You’ll have a blast making this new fun soap! Skills: Layering   Soap making supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave […]

Coffee Bean Soap Melt & Pour Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals I love coffee! I love to drink it, I love the scent, I love the waking up feeling! What could be better than a coffee scented soap?? It’s going to be a good day. Skills: Mixing colors and using exfoliants coffee and soap – brilliance!   Supplies for making soap and equipment […]

Tough Working Kitchen Soap

by Rustic Escentuals Talk about a wake up call! Hazelnut Coffee scent in a tough working soap that helps to cut odors. This is possibly one of my favorite soaps. It’s great for those garlic and onion smells you just can’t seem to wash away, plus the exfoliation will get your fingers sparkling clean. A […]

Gardening Soap

by Rustic Escentuals After a hard day gardening and playing in the dirt, you need something that can scrub away the soil and be soothing at the same time. The fragrance chosen for this tutorial is a wonderful blend of honeysuckle and patchouli – just perfect! The soothing Shea butter soap base gives it that […]

Whipped Shaving Soap

Another Father’s Day gift idea! This tutorial will show you how to whip up some shaving soap using the Foaming Bath Butter, which is a perfect gift for Father’s Day. This whipped up so yummy, I came THIS close to licking the spoon! Check out our “How to Use Foaming Bath Butter” tutorial to learn […]

Soap for Father’s Day – Green Irish Tweed

by Rustic Escentuals Fathers like to be pampered too! Here is a special gift you can make for the man in your life for his special day.   Supplies and equipment needed Microwave 2 Microwave safe glass containers Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol Butter knives Rubber gloves Disposable […]