How to Make Scent Brittle

Vickey Robinson

Scent brittle is an easy and unique way to make wax melts/tarts. The style is unique, you can top it off with a dash of glitter, and no two pieces are ever alike. You can get creative and do two layers – each a different scent and color combination. Go ahead – have some fun with wax!

1. Gather all items needed.
Melter for candle wax (such as a Presto Pot or double boiler)
Digital scale
Candle wax (we recommend using Ky 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend)
Fragrance oil
Candle dye
Ladle for dipping out candle wax
Pour pot or pitcher
Dixie Cups for measuring fragrance oil
Cookie Sheet

gather items needed

2. Add candle wax to melter and heat to approx. 175°. Use a thermometer to check the temperature instead of relying on the Presto Pot’s thermostat.

add candle wax to pot

3. Place pouring pot on scale and tare the scale to 00.

4. Ladle the amount of melted candle wax you need into the pour pitcher.

added melted wax to pour pitcher

5. Add candle dye to reach the desired color.

add candle dye

6. Measure candle fragrance oil in a disposable Dixie Cup, add to melted candle wax and stir for approximately 2 minutes.

measure fragrance oil

7. Check temperature – it should be around 150° – 155°.

check temperature

8. Pour the colored and scented wax into a sheet pan that has been sprayed with Pam and then wiped out. Pour about ¼” – ½” thick. Let it completely cool and then break it up into an array of small pieces suitable for a tart melter. Scent Brittle can be packaged in cello bags.

finished brittle
Finished Scent Brittle

For Two Layer Scent Brittle

If you want to make a two layer scent brittle, let the first pour (no more than 1/4″) set up slightly until it is warm and pliable. Pour your second scented color on top, again about 1/4″ thick. Be sure the second layer pour is at least as hot as the first. Since you are pouring when the first layer is still warm, it is not necessary to pour at a hotter temperature. Let cool completely and then break up candle wax into an array of small pieces suitable for a tart melter.

two-layer scent brittle
Two Layer Scent Brittle

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