How to Make Scented Sachets

by Rustic Escentuals Sachet bags are a traditional way to scent a chest of drawers, wooden chest, or closets. You can also use them to add pleasant aromas in bathrooms, areas around the kitty litter box, kitchen garbage bin, school or gym lockers, laundry room, under the car seat – the ideas are endless! Sachet […]

How to Make Shower Steamers

by Rustic Escentuals Shower Steamers are a great way to add a variety of fragrances to your shower for a little aromatherapy. Place the steamer on the floor of the shower opposite the shower head so that the steam and shower mist gently hits it. Feeling sick? Add some fragrances along with herbs and mints. […]

How to Make Incense Sticks

by Debra Ryan These are great for testing new fragrance oil or making several varieties of scents without wasting a whole bunch of oil mix and sticks. The 12ml. Refresher Oil Base plus 6ml. fragrance oil blend is enough for 23 sticks. 20 is a much more workable number – sometimes there is extra dip […]

Imprint Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals This next tutorial was inspired by a couple of Rustic Escentuals Facebook fans. I had asked what some of your favorite fragrance oils were for some inspiration and this is the one of many that was mentioned. Add some Little Black Dress fragrance oil and some Diamond Dust Glitter and a soap […]

How to Make Scent Brittle

Vickey Robinson Scent brittle is an easy and unique way to make wax melts/tarts. The style is unique, you can top it off with a dash of glitter, and no two pieces are ever alike. You can get creative and do two layers – each a different scent and color combination. Go ahead – have […]