Scent Blend – Lavender Iced Mocha

Today is a fabulous blend – intoxicating and oh so very delicious. Lavender Iced Mocha or (for those who don’t prefer chocolate) Lavender Iced Coffee. Yummmmm!

There are a few states in the US where lavender grows like it does in Provence, France. Fields of purple hued plants, gently waving in the breeze. The herbal scent of lavender filling the air. And over in the garden gazebo, a barista is serving up ice cold glasses of lavender infused sweet cream mochas. Refreshing, floral, exploding with flavor. This is one incredible beverage!

If you are not a chocolate fan, leave it out. Either way, this is sure to be a winner in both B&B products are well as any home scenting products you might create.

Have fun!

The fragrance oil components of amazing and complex blend are:

Have fun!

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