Scent Blend – Cranberry Bliss Bars

Starbucks is great for more than just coffee. How about their Cranberry Bliss Bars? A delicious bar cookie base studded with candied ginger, cranberries, and white chocolate chips over which a deliciously tangy cream cheese icing is spread. Delicious!

And now you can create this yearly favorite in a scent blend. We’re using our Tres Leches Cake as the base for this sweet treat: the sweet and scrumptious cake is topped with decadent cream cheese frosting – definitely a great start! Candied Ginger and fresh Cranberry add essential tart and peppery notes while our White Chocolate Apple adds dreamy white chocolate as well a hint of other fruits and spices. The end result is a rich, multi-layered scent that is mouthwateringly delish!

All fragrances are body safe so you can make an entire line with this blend.

The fragrance oil components of yummalicious blend are:

Have fun!

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