Swirled Soap Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals

You’ve seen swirled soaps across the Internet and have maybe tried your hand and it’s never really worked out. However, It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it. The trick is all in the temperature of the soap base. To start, we’ll be showing you how to swirl two colors. You’ll end up with lovely soaps with no two being exactly alike! As you practice and improve your techniques, try pairing the White Melt & Pour Soap Base with Ultra Clear Melt & Pour Soap Base.

Skills: Swirling colors

learn to make swirled soap with melt and pour soap base

Supplies and equipment needed:
Microwave safe glass container (2)
Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
Butter knife for stirring soap (2)
Rubber gloves
Disposable pipette
Thermometer to monitor soap temperature
Small Bath Bomb Mold (4 cavities: to 3 oz soap each)
White Melt & Pour soap base
Bahama Coconut Fragrance Oil
Passion Orange Mica
.15cc scoop

basic supplies


other supplies needed to make swirled M&P soaps

Step 1
Cut up approximately 14 ounces of White Melt & Pour soap base into small cubes using a sharp knife.

Step 2
Split the soap base into two separate microwave safe containers – approximately 7 ounces each.

Step 3
Melt the soap base in the microwave using 30-second bursts until melted. Do not burn or boil, this will result in a poor quality rubbery soap. If there are any small chunks of soap left, stir slowly; the heat of the soap will melt these small chunks. TIP: There are four cavities in this mold and each holds approximately 3 ounces of soap – we are melting a little extra to take into account that some of the soap will stick to the container.

Step 4
Taking one of the containers of melted white melt & pour soap base and add 2 to 3 scoops of Passion Orange Mica. Stir thoroughly. The second container of melted soap base will remain white. No added color is necessary.

TIP: For tips on how to incorporate mica into melt and pour soap base, see our How to Use Mica Colorants in Soap Tutorial.

add mica to one base


stir in mica color to combine with melted soap

Step 5
Using a pipette, add 4 ml of Bahama Coconut Fragrance Oil into each container and stir thoroughly.

add the fragrance oil

Step 6
Here is the trick – If the soap is too hot when you pour, the two colors will blend together. You’ll end up just having a light orange soap. Using a thermometer, monitor the soap temperature. Each container of soap should be between 130° to 140° F. It’s best to have one cooler than the other.

TIP: This takes a bit of practice to get the pouring temperatures just right. If the soap cools down too much, quickly zap it in the microwave for 10 seconds.

take the soap temperature

Step 7
Now for the magic! Take both containers and slowly pour both at the same time. Midway through, stop pouring and move one of the soap containers slightly to a different area so you don’t pour both in the same spot as before. You’ll see the swirling begin. You can also alternate the pours; first pouring the orange, then the white.

pouring soaps into mold


alternate pouring colors

Step 8
Finish off with a spritz of alcohol to remove any bubbles. Important! Do not move the soap mold until set.

do not move the soap mold until set

Step 9
Wait 2-3 hours or overnight for the soap to completely cool and harden.

let the soap set overnight

Step 10
Turn the mold over carefully and slowly press on the bottom of the cavity to release each soap. You may have to pull the edges of the mold away from the soap slightly to add an air pocket.

finished m&p swirled soap


melt and pour swirled soap

You can customize these with your choice of colors and choice of soap. If you want a bolder color, use the Ultra Clear Melt and Pour Soap Base with your choice of micas.

swirled soap made with clear soap base


swirled soap made with micas


swirled melt and pour soap with micas


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