Football Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals

Autumn scents are in the air along with autumn activities. This is a perfect time for a soap making tutorial to cheer on football season – it will bring out the cheers from everyone!

Skills: Using micas, layering

football soap tutorial

Supplies and equipment needed:
Microwave safe glass containers (2)
Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes
Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol
Butter knives for stirring soap
Rubber gloves
Disposable pipettes
Mini Footballs Silicone Mold (6 cavities, 19.8 ounces total. Approx 3.3 ounces each)
20 oz UltraClear Melt & Pour soap base
.5 oz White Melt and Pour soap base
Bonfire Bliss Fragrance Oil
Blackstar Gold Mica
.15cc Scoop

See our How to Use Mica Colorants in Soap tutorial in The Crafting Library for tips on how to mix Mica into a soap base.

basic supplies needed


you'll also need these supplies to make the football soaps



Step 1
Cut up approximately .5 ounces of White Melt & Pour soap base into small cubes using a sharp knife. Melt for approximately 10 seconds. Repeat if necessary but be careful, because this is not a lot of melt and pour soap base. Leave a little un-melted soap base in the container, because the heat of the melted soap will melt whatever is remaining.

Note: No need to add scent to this stage, as it is not necessary for such a small amount of soap.

Step 2
Taking the Mini Football silicone soap mold, spritz the cavities (football stripes) with alcohol. This allows the soap base to travel well into the nooks and crannies.

get your mold ready


spritz the cavities with alcohol

Step 3
Using a pipette, draw approximately 2 ml of the melted white soap base into the pipette and add it to the small cavities within the mold. Do this to all mold cavities.

white ready for striping


fill the small cavities in the bottom of the mold


work quickly so soap doesn't harden

Step 4
Spritz with alcohol to get rid of any bubbles. TIP: Sometimes the soap cools down too fast and may stop traveling to the edge of the cavity. Spritzing with alcohol will smooth it out.

Step 5
Continue with the remaining cavities and let set for approximately 3 minutes. This is not a lot of soap and it will set quickly.


Step 1
Add three .15 cc scoops of the Blackstar Gold Mica into a microwave safe glass container. Mica does not bleed and is a perfect soap colorant to use for a distinct separation of colors.

place mica in glass container

Step 2
Using a disposable pipette, add 4 drops of alcohol to the mica and mix well. Add more alcohol if needed, however, be conservative with the alcohol.

add 4 drops of alcohol to mica and stir well

Step 3
Cut up approximately 20 oz of Ultra Clear Melt & Pour soap base into small cubes using a sharp knife. Add the cubed soap base into the container with the mica and melt in 30-second bursts. Repeat as necessary.

Step 4
Using a disposable pipette, add 5 ml of Bonfire Bliss Fragrance Oil and stir in slowly. This is a wonderful scent for the autumn season.

add fragrance oil

Step 5
Make sure the soap base is not too hot, because it will melt the white soap. The perfect pouring temperature is 130 – 135 degrees.

Step 6
Spritz soap cavities with alcohol to ensure adherence between the white and brown soap.

spritz with rubbing alcohol to ensure adherence between white and brown soap

Step 7
Slowly pour the brown soap to the top of each cavity, completely covering the white portion. Finish off with a spritz of alcohol to remove any bubbles on top.

pour brown soap to top of each cavity

Step 8
Let the soap set for approximately two hours before attempting to release the soap from the mold. It should be hardened and cool to the touch.

let set 2 hours

Step 9
Turn the mold over carefully and slowly press on the bottom of the cavity to release each soap. Pull the edges of the mold away from the soap slightly to add an air pocket. Admire your work! It’s that easy!

ready, set, hut!


fun football soaps


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