Items Needed to Make Candles

Remember to get instructions for the type of candle wax you are using. Different candle waxes (soy wax, paraffin wax, etc.) have different pouring instructions.

Presto Kettle (deep fryer with thermostat)

This is used for melting your unscented candle wax. You need a kettle with a thermostat to avoid overheating. These can usually be found at Wal-Mart for around $20.



A thermometer is very important in candle making. Different candle waxes require different heating and pouring temperatures for them to burn properly.

These too can be purchased at Wal-Mart.

Pouring Pot

The pouring pot is used to mix your candle fragrance oil and candle dye with your melted candle wax. You will dip the amount of melted candle wax you need from the Presto Kettle into the pouring pot, adding candle scent and candle dye, then pour into your container or mold (depending on the type candle you are making).

Digital Scales

Very important!
Digital scales are one of the most important candle making supply items you will need to make your candles correctly. It is very important to always weigh your candle wax and candle fragrance oil on a scale rather than measuring in tablespoons or cups. Always measure by weight, not volume!

Because different candle fragrance oils are heavier than others (gravity weight), you do not always get the accurate amount unless you use scales. You can use digital postal scales from Wal-Mart. However, do not use the balance scales you use to weigh food on, they are not as accurate.

Other items you will need

Wooden spoons for stirring
Dixie Cups for weighing candle making fragrance oils
If making container candles, you will also need hot glue or silicone for gluing candle wick in jars or candle wick stickers, which we sell.
Then, of course, you will need candle wax, candle fragrance oil, candle wicks and candle dye.

Things to know

Testing is a very important part of becoming a candle maker. It is not wise to make candles for the first time and then put them out to sell. There are many things to learn before you will be ready for marketing your candles. First, you need to test your candle wax in your containers with different candle wicks to find which one provides the best burn. You would not want to sell a candle that did not burn correctly.

Different types of candle wax will burn differently. It is always smart to test your candle wicks to be certain they are the correct size for your container and the particular candle wax you are using at the time. You would not want to sell a candle in which the wick was too hot and caused all the wax to liquefy, making the jar get too hot and to break. On the other hand, you would not want to use too small of a candle wick. This would cause the wick’s flame to go out and your candle to not burn correctly. You want your candle to melt all the way to the edge and maintain from a 1/4 inch to a 1/2 inch melt pool. Always test burn your finished candles at least 3 hours so you will know how it is going to perform.

You cannot judge a candle wick size by length or diameter. You must go by the number on the bag to know what size you need. We are always glad to suggest a candle wick size as a starting point for you to test. However, it is up to each individual to do their own testing to be sure their particular wick will burn correctly in their candle wax and in their container.

It is also important to get the correct amount of fragrance oil in your candles. Typically it is 1 to 1.5 oz of candle fragrance oil per pound of wax, depending on the type of candle wax you are using. Please read the directions that come with your particular candle wax.

TIP: An easy way to measure your candle making fragrance oil is to put a Dixie cup on your digital scale, tare out the scale to zero, then pour in the fragrance oil and weigh the correct amount for your project. When you are finished, simply throw away the Dixie cup.

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