Fun Foaming Bubble Bath

By Rustic Escentuals

A bubble bath can be fun and whimsical or it can be aromatic and relaxing – or anywhere in between. No matter what your age, just about everyone loves a bubble bath! Bubble baths help relieve stress and get you clean while you’re enjoying the bubbles. Our tutorial gives you an easy formulation for a bubbly bubble bath that you’ll want to use again and again!

Liquid Soap Base:
 • Liquid Glycerin Soap Base (used in this tutorial)
 • Bath & Shower Gel Base
 • Goat’s Milk Liquid Soap Base
Foam Booster
Body Safe Fragrance
Gel Soap Colors or Cosmetic Safe Micas
Large Funnel Pitcher
Silicone Universal Scraper
.15 cc Scoop (if using Mica Colorants)
Cosmetic Bottle w/closure

supplies needed to make foaming bath bubble

Step 1
For this tutorial, 4 bottles of bubble bath will be created: one 12 oz. bottle, one 8 oz. bottle, one 6 oz. bottle and one 1 oz. bottle, so 27 oz. of Liquid Glycerin Soap Base will be used. (You will need to adjust your amount of soap base to accommodate your bottle sizes). Measure out 27 oz. of liquid soap base into the large funnel pitcher.

measuring the soap base

Step 2
Add Foam Booster to the liquid soap base. 8% will be used in this tutorial. Up to 10% can be used but can thin the base if too much is used. Add 2.16 oz. of Foam Booster to the soap base. Mix well with the silicone universal scraper. (27 x .08 = 2.16oz)

adding foam booster

Step 3
Add fragrance oil at a rate of .5%. Measure out 4 ml. of fragrance and add to the soap base. Mix well.

adding fragrance

Step 4
Add one .15cc scoop of Purple Passion Mica colorant, stir well.
**If using liquid colorants, add one drop at a time until desired color is achieved. If using cosmetic safe mica colorants, add one .15cc scoop of mica. Do not add too much mica as it can stain a bath tub. For deeper or bolder colors, use the liquid Gel Colorants. **

adding mica colorant

Step 5
Transfer Bubble Bath mixture to bottles, filling to just below the neck of the bottle.

pouring into bottles

finished foaming bath bubbles

Step 6
Add cap to bottle and secure tightly.

Step 7
Enjoy fun with your bubble bath or make a nice label for the bottle for gift giving! Showcase your creativity by choosing coordinating colors and scents.

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