How to Make Wax Tarts

by Vickey Robinson

Step 1: Gather all items needed.
Melter for wax (such as a Presto Pot or double boiler)
Digital scale
Candle wax
Fragrance oil
Candle dye (if desired)
Ladle for dipping out candle wax
Pour pot or pitcher
Dixie Cups for measuring fragrance oil
Tart molds: portion cups, clamshells, metal tart molds, etc.

gather items needed

Step 2: Add candle wax to melter and heat to approx. 175°. Use a thermometer to check the temperature instead of relying on the Presto Pot’s thermostat.

melt the wax to 175F

Step 3: Place pouring pot on scale and tare the scale to 00.

Step 4: Ladle the amount of melted candle wax you need into the pour pitcher.

ladle wax into pitcher

Step 5: Add candle dye (if desired) to reach the desired color.

add candle dye, if desired

Step 6: Measure candle fragrance oil in a disposable Dixie Cup, add to melted candle wax and stir for approximately 2 minutes. (In this demonstration I used Ky Para-Soy Tart wax. Recommended fragrance load is 10%, so I used 10 ounces of para-soy wax and 1 oz. of candle fragrance oil.)

add fragrance oil

Step 7: Check temperature – it should be around 150° – 155°. Pour candle wax into tart molds.

check temperature

pour into molds

Step 8: Let tarts cool completely before adding lids to cups or packaging.

completed wax tarts

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