How to Make Dry Oil Perfume Spray

A quick and easy way to create a wonderful smelling perfume or cologne that dries quickly and isn’t greasy! Using the Artisan’s Perfume Base, Cyclomethicone, and Fragrance Oil of your choice, this spray will leave a silky smooth feeling when sprayed directly onto the skin as well as imparting a cooling effect. Because it’s inexpensive to make, you can create a variety of scents for different moods, events, time of day, and seasons – or just for the special man in your life!

learn how to make dry oil perfume spray

Supplies and Equipment Needed
Large spoon or butter knife for stirring
Rubber gloves
Digital Scale
Funnel Pitcher
2 oz PET Bottles with sprayer
Artisan’s Perfume Base
Body safe fragrance oil

supplies needed to make perfume spray

• Use PET containers with fine mist sprayers. Do not use bottles made with PVC because the fragrance oil will likely break down and degrade the PVC.
• You may need to adjust the percentages slightly if the fragrance oil is on the strong side.
• Measure all ingredients by weight, not volume.

90% Cyclomethicone
5% Artisan’s Perfume Base
5% fragrance oil

Step 1
Using the Funnel Pitcher and scale, weigh out 8 ounces of Cyclomethicone.

weigh out 8 ounces of cyclomethicone

Step 2
Measure by weight .40 ounce of body safe Fragrance Oil and add it to the Cyclomethicone. We used Light Blue type fragrance oil in this recipe. Usage is 5% of fragrance oil to the Cyclomethicone. In this tutorial, 5% of 8 ounces is .40 ounces.

add fragrance oil to cyclomethicone

Step 3
Add 5% of the Artisan’s Perfume Base. Weigh out .40 ounce of the Artisan’s Perfume Base and add it to the Cyclomethicone. The Artisan’s Perfume Base will add a cooling effect to the spray.

Step 4
Stir slowly until fully incorporated. Cyclomethicone stays completely blended and crystal clear without the need for shaking.

pour perfume base into cyclomethicone and stir

Step 5
Slowly pour the product into 2-ounce Tapered PET Spray bottles. This tutorial will make four 2-ounce bottles of Dry Oil Spray.

pour into bottles

Step 6
Mix and match fragrance oils to come up with a unique scent. Enjoy!

mix and match fragrance oils to create a unique scent

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