Scent Blend – American Cowboy

He sits atop his well-trained horse, chiseled face tanned and lined from years in the sun. Hat pulled lowed over his eyes, he flicks the end of a match with his thick thumbnail and lights his cigar. The smoke dances into the air as he gazes around – ever watchful and aware of everything around him.

He’s an American Cowboy. Hard, weathered, devoted to his job. His horse can sense his every thought and together they move as one. Leather saddle creaking in the moonlight, prairie grass underfoot. A hard working man’s man.

Bring the American Cowboy into your products with this incredibly masculine blend. Ideal for men and the women who love them. Candles, soaps, and more!

All fragrances are body safe so you can make an entire line with this scent.

The fragrance oil components of this all-American manly blend are:

Have fun!

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