Scent Blend – Bearded Man

A short while ago, we held a Scent Blending contest on our Facebook page. We received a huge number of totally awesome blends and had a very difficult time picking a winner…so we chose 5 winners instead! Amanda Jackson was one of those winners and today we present her custom blend: Bearded Man. She uses this amazing scent to make a fabulous Beard Balm… we approve!

This scent brings to mind hipster men. With well groomed, precisely trimmed, thick beards. Smoky tobacco leaf with hints of honey, creamy vanilla, caramel, and nutmeg combine into a heady scent that just begs to be applied to the modern day man. Bearded, sexy, manly men. Men who ooze testosterone from every pore. Rawr.

We can see an entire men’s line with this scent: soap, lotions, shave cream, aftershave, cologne, candles, and more.

You will need the following fragrance oils to create this masculine blend:

Have fun!

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