Scent Blend – Caramel Apple Pie

Today we are gorging ourselves with caramel covered apple pie a la mode. YUM!

Who doesn’t love apple pie? The fresh sliced apples cooked just until tender, the sweet, spiced filling with cinnamon, nutmeg, cloves, and ice cream melting on top of a fresh slice right from the oven. Now let’s take it to a new level and add some caramel sauce to the top. AMAZING!

Candles, lotion, soap, bath bombs and more would be absolutely delish in this scent. Like lots of caramel scent? Up the amount used! Any way you mix this, it’s bound to be a hit. Just try not to eat the final result 😉

The fragrance oil components of this decadent blend are:

These are all body-safe fragrance oils so you can make B&B products as well as candles/tarts/etc.

Have fun!

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