Scent Blend – Hawaiian Beach Vacay

It’s time for vacay Scent Blend!

How about a Hawaiian Beach Vacay? On Oahu, there are countless fruit stands lining the winding roads. Here the vendors sell juicy and refreshing pineapple spears and freshly picked coconuts with a hole drilled on the top and a straw to suck out the goodness… as well as a plethora of other island fruits. Now imagine laying on the summer beach, salt spray and the heady fragrance of exotic flowers + that juicy pineapple dripping onto the sand and the freshly cracked coconut to quench your thirst. YUM! What time is the flight? 😉

The fragrance oil components of this tropical blend are:

These are all body-safe fragrance oils so you can make B&B products as well as candles/tarts/etc.

Have fun!

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