Scent Blend – Country Skillet Bread

If you’ve ever been to the southern part of the US (we’re talking sweet tea and hush puppies, ya’all!) then you might have tasted skillet bread. Basically corn bread cooked in a skillet and drizzled with warm maple syrup and lots and lots of butter. Comfort food, oh yeah!

Our version of this heartwarming treat consists of cornbread, maple syrup, and sugar corn pudding – just a touch to send this from prim and proper to over the top sweet and decadent. Sooo scrumptious! You’ll be wanting your own slice of this country fave. Yummy!

This is a candle/tart/home scenting blend only. Several of the fragrance oils used are not body safe.

You will need the following fragrance oils to create this delectable blend:

Have fun!

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