Drizzle Tart Squares

by Rustic Escentuals

This Tutorial is for making Square Wax Drizzled Tarts using our Square Silicone Soap Mold. There are many things you can do with this mold, but today we are making wax tarts that look like Brownies with Caramel Drizzle on top.

drizzle tart squares
they look good enough to eat – but PLEASE DON’T!


Tools & Ingredients needed:
Pour Pitcher and/or melting pot
Spoon or bamboo skewer for stirring
16 oz Ky Parasoy Tart Wax or Ky133 Versatile Paraffin Wax Blend
Candle Dye Flakes or Liquid Candle Dye
1.6 oz. Candle Fragrance Oil (we use 10% when making tarts.)
Disposable pipettes
Mini Squares Silicone Mold
Melter (like a Presto Kitchen Kettle) or a few inches of water in a pan to be used as a double boiler
Safety goggles
Apron to protect clothing

Preparation Steps

Weigh out the wax and fragrance oil to be used. (16 oz. of wax, and 1.6 oz. of fragrance oil.)

Have the mold on the counter ready for use. Mold does NOT have to be sprayed with release – the tarts will easily release from the silicone mold.

Be sure to wear safety goggles for eye protection. You do not want to be splashed in the eye with hot wax! Remember with wax – safety first.


• Waxes used in making candles are very similar to cooking oils – they are flammable and they are poured at high temperatures, but with certain precautions, accidents may be avoided. NEVER HEAT WAX ABOVE 210°F.

• For safety, wax should be melted in a double boiler. Wax should NEVER be heated directly over an open flame or burner. Direct heating can cause wax to explode and result in serious injury.

• Use of a thermometer is advised to ensure proper wax pouring temperature.

• Never leave hot wax unattended. Keep children and pets away from the area where wax is being melted and poured.

• Never pour water in a wax fire. Water will cause the fire to spread. To extinguish a fire in a pan, cover the pan with its lid. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.

• Never pour melted wax into the sink or other drains.


Step 1:
Melt wax using either a double boiler, a Presto Kitchen Kettle or some type of melter.

As the wax melts, monitor the temperature with the thermometer. For accuracy, do not allow the bottom of the thermometer to touch the bottom or sides of the pouring pot or melter. (Tip the pouring pitcher until the bottom of the thermometer is covered with the liquid wax.)

Step 2:
When the wax has melted and temperature reaches 175° F dip wax out of the melter and into the pour pitcher. (If you’re already using a double boiler with the pour pitcher, you’re ready to go!) Add colorant and stir well. Then, add fragrance oil and stir thoroughly. Mix well, stirring approximately 2 to 3 minutes to fully incorporate additives and help fragrance oil bind to the molten wax.

Step 3:
When wax has reached approximately 155° pour wax into molds and let cool and harden.

Step 4:
Once the tarts have completely cooled, pop them out of the mold and lay on wax paper or aluminum foil to protect your work area.

Step 5:
Melt a small amount of wax and add colorant for whatever you’d like the drizzle to be. No need to add scent to this wax because it is such a small amount.

Step 6:
Using a disposable pipette, gently drizzle the melted wax over the square tart. Be creative and splashy with your designs! Just make sure your safety goggles are on and your work area is protected.

Step 7:
Let drizzled tarts cool completely then trim around the bottom where the drizzle landed. You’re now ready to package and sell! You can package in polypropylene cello bags or in glass jars with a finishing touch – a decorative stretchy bow.

drizzle tart squares
these smell as yummy as they look!


Be creative with your scent and color combinations! Here are some suggestions:

Peppermint Swizzle Stick: white tart with red drizzle
Pumpkin Pie: Pumpkin Spice liquid colorant for tart and white drizzle
Christmas Past: green tart with red drizzle
Caramel Apple: red tart with light brown drizzle
Birthday Cake: white tart with multi-color drizzles
Creme Brulee: ivory tart with medium brown drizzle
Peppermint Patty: white or green tart with brown drizzle

drizzle tart squares
different color combinations


Email us your ideas and photos – we’ll add them to the list!

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