Foaming Sugar Scrub Holiday Sampler

by Rustic Escentuals A wonderful Holiday Sampler Pack of Foaming Sugar Scrubs in luscious holiday scents. This is easy to make and super wonderful to use. Makes perfect gifts and also great for craft shows. This tutorial will make approximately 4 sets depending on how full you fill the cups.
   Supplies and Equipment Needed […]

Coffee Bean Soap Melt & Pour Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals I love coffee! I love to drink it, I love the scent, I love the waking up feeling! What could be better than a coffee scented soap?? It’s going to be a good day. Skills: Mixing colors and using exfoliants coffee and soap – brilliance!   Supplies for making soap and equipment […]

Holiday Tree Embed Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Before you know it the holidays will be here, so let’s get a jump start on some gifts that you can make right at home! I will be using Shimmer Dust Glitter to make floating embeds -a wonderful shimmery look for the holidays! Skills: embedding and layering wonderful shimmery holiday soap!   […]