Candle Making Directions

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make candles with Golden Brands 415 and Ky PureSoy.
If you are making paraffin wax candles, DO NOT use these directions. These directions are for container soy wax candles only.

Steps for making candles:

First, gently melt the soy wax in a Presto Kitchen Kettle or microwave. Proceed to heat the soy wax to about 160-175 degrees. Then, take the wax from the melting pot to the pouring pot. Next, add color and dissolve. Lastly, add candle fragrance oil.


Let the wax sit in the pouring pot until it looks as though it is starting to set up (around 100° or a little less.) Make sure the wax has a cloudy look and appears slushy when it is being poured. (This takes some time, so be patient. This could take 30 minutes or more depending on how large of a batch is being made.) Next, stir the soy wax thoroughly and pour into the wicked jars. (NOTE: Judge when to pour by how the soy wax looks rather than the temperature; we recommend 100 degrees because that is usually when the soy wax starts setting up.)

Next, pour the soy wax into jars that have a wick glued into the bottom with Silicone, high melt point glue or Candle Wick Stickers. Center your candle wicks and prop up with a popsicle stick (we suggest putting two popsicle sticks together, then put the candle wick in the middle and secure with a clothespin to assure the wick stays centered.) Let candle set up completely, trim candle wick, and let candle cure at least 48 hours before test burning.

Please read the Items Needed to Make Candles page for information on choosing candle wick size. This is very important.

No need to heat jars.

Recommended amount of candle fragrance oil is 1 to 1 1/2 ounces per pound of soy wax. Please use a digital scale for weighing, not a measuring glass – always measure candle making fragrance oil by weight rather than volume.

Do not trim the candle wick of a soy candle as short as a candle made with paraffin wax. Soy wax needs a little extra wick to get started burning well the first time.

** You can pour the wax hot, however, the tops will look flaky or crusty. Also, sometimes the sides will be frosty and may not have a polished, professional look. This can cause the soy candle to not burn correctly when poured at a hotter temperature. If you pour hot, pour at least at 170 degrees.

NOTE: Testing is an important part of candle making and is a step that cannot be skipped. You cannot use the same size candle wick in all size containers; you must test to find the candle wick that works correctly for the size container you are using. You do not want to use a candle wick that will get too hot, but you don’t want to use one that is too cool and causes your wick to go out. We can give you suggestions as a starting point to do your testing.

Each individual candle maker is responsible for how his or her own soy candles turn out. Please always test in small batches before making large amounts of soy candles. Each candle maker needs to find a method that is comfortable for him or her.

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