Items Needed to Make Candles

Remember to get instructions for the type of candle wax you are using. Different candle waxes (soy wax, paraffin wax, etc.) have different pouring instructions. Presto Kettle (deep fryer with thermostat) This is used for melting your unscented candle wax. You need a kettle with a thermostat to avoid overheating. These can usually be found […]

Candle Making Directions

In this tutorial you’ll learn how to make candles with Golden Brands 415 and Ky PureSoy. If you are making paraffin wax candles, DO NOT use these directions. These directions are for container soy wax candles only. Steps for making candles: First, gently melt the soy wax in a Presto Kitchen Kettle or microwave. Proceed […]

All About Gel Candles

Frequently Asked Questions About Gel Candles What is gel? Gel is essentially a combination of polymer resin and mineral oil that is cut with exceptional safety in respect of the flash point. When combined in a container with a wick it can produce exquisite transparent candles. Because of the clarity of gel, it gives off […]

Layered Mason Jar Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Mason Jar candles are quick & easy to make as well as giving you room for creativity because of their larger capacity. In this candle making tutorial we show you how to pour three layers of different colors and scents. You can customize these candles for seasons, holidays, special occasions, parties, shower […]

Jelly Jar Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This is a great project to learn how to make candles. Container candles are the easiest to start learning with and are always pleasant to have around, especially for test burning! You can make these for yourself or gifts because you have the ability to customize the scents and colors. Experiment and […]

How to Whip Wax

by Rustic Escentuals Whipped wax is an easy way to make any candle look unique. Although it takes a bit of practice to get a feel for the process, you’ll be applying whipped wax to candles in no time! Whipped wax is a good candle making project for adding creativity to finished products. Common uses […]

How to Make a Soy Container Candle

by Samantha Scott these candles are fun and easy to make   This tutorial is for making one 8-oz Soy Container Candle. I find these candles fun and easy to make and hope you do as well. They are great to make for your own personal use or for gifts! If you wish to make […]