How to Make Monster Spray

by Rustic Escentuals

This is a wonderful spray to banish those monsters and other undesirables that hide in the closet or under the bed. This works great in getting rid of those nasty old bad dreams too. Scent your spray with a calming, clean scent like Clementine Lavender and your little ones will know for sure that something that smells so good will remove those monsters for sure!

final decoration
banish monsters from in the closet or under the bed!


Supplies and Equipment Needed
Utensil for stirring
Rubber gloves
Glass measuring cup with spout
Disposable Pipettes
Larger spray bottles (from the dollar store)
Bottle with Sprayer
Fragrant Room and Body Spray
Clementine/Lavender Fragrance Oil
Variety of Gel Colorants
Fragrant Room and Body Spray Labels

supplies required

• This product is alcohol based
• Suggested fragrance oil load for this application: up to 8%. Multiply your product weight by .08 and the resulting number is the weight of the fragrance oil you should add.
• You may need to adjust the rates somewhat if the fragrance oil you are using is on the strong side. Make a small amount to test your fragrance in before committing to a large batch.

Step 1: Pour 2 ounces of Fragrant Room and Body Spray into the measuring cup.

pouring fragrance room and body spray
measure out the Fragrant Room & Body Spray

Step 2: Add 1 – 2 drops of your favorite Gel colorant.

adding color
add your favorite gel colorant


we used orange for this particular batch

Step 3: Add up to 8% of Clementine Lavender Fragrance Oil or other body safe fragrance oil. Remember, some fragrances are stronger than others, so add less and work your way up until you achieve your desired strength. Don’t exceed 8%.

adding fragrance oil
don’t exceed 8% fragrance oil load

Step 4: Stir slowly until fully incorporated.

slowly stir until incorporated

Step 5: Slowly pour the product into a 2 ounce bottle and cap with the sprayer.

pour into your bottle and cap firmly

Step 6: If you’re going to give away or sell your Monster Spray: add the convenient pre-printed ingredient label to the bottom of the bottle.

add label
be sure to use an ingredient label if you’re selling or giving this product away

Step 7: You can also find inexpensive spray/mister bottles at the dollar store!

larger bottle
a great find at the local dollar store!


finished project
ready for decoration

Decorate your Monster Spray bottles:
Once your Monster Spray is made, have your children decorate the bottles (with your help, of course!). Collect some craft supplies and let the children make their Monster Spray bottles unique to them! Some ideas include: Scraps of fabric, ribbons, pipe cleaners, googly eyes, sequins, beads, buttons, flowers, stickers, etc. (Don’t forget the glue!) The kids will know which decorative accessories to use to make sure those monsters know they mean business!

suggested decorations
decoration examples – you can use almost anything!


I had a friend’s children come over to help decorate these bottles and this is what they came up with…pretty cool huh?! I think it lends a bit more “magic” to the Monster Spray when the children decorate it themselves.

ready for decoration
let’s get decorating!


bottles decorated by children – they know what keeps those monsters away!


cute and yummy monster spray

Arm yourself with this wonderful Monster Spray in your customized bottles and help banish those nighttime nasties for your little ones!

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