Snowball Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals

These round candles are always adorably cute year round, but are especially fun during the winter months and holidays. Sprinkled with a bit of Iridescent Diamond Dust Glitter, we’ll show you how to make a snowball candle shimmer just like real snow and ice. You can choose to pour a round candle yourself or use a candle purchased from the store. Snowball candles are perfect holiday gifts!


Materials Needed:
Pre-poured Round Pillar Candle (any size, any color)
Whipped Wax with no colorant, leave white — refer to Whipped Wax tutorial
1-2” bristled paint brush
Shimmer Dust Glitter: Iridescent Diamond Dust
Newspapers, wax paper, etc. to cover work area


Step 1
Using newspaper or wax paper, cover your entire work area. This candle making tutorial can and will get messy!

Step 2
Refer to the Whipped Wax Tutorial and have the whipped wax ready to go.

whipped wax

Step 3
Hold the pre-poured round pillar candle with one hand at the top & bottom of the candle.

Step 4
Dip the paintbrush into the whipped candle wax getting a good amount of wax on the bristles. Start at the bottom of the candle and quickly dab the wax from the paintbrush onto the surface of the candle, re-dipping in the whipped wax as needed. Work upwards and across in a random pattern. Repeat this process until the entire surface of the candle is covered. No need to grubby the bottom of the candle because a smooth surface is needed to keep the candle level when burning. This process can be repeated as many times as necessary until the desired look is achieved. When the surface is coated, place candle on the prepared, covered work area. Repeat the process for the very top of the candle, working from the outside in.

applying whipped wax


applying whipped wax


applying whipped wax


applying whipped wax


our video will walk you through this tutorial and applying the whipped wax

Step 5
When grubbied wax is still warm, sprinkle a little bit of the Diamond Dust glitter on the top of the candle for a beautiful, sparkling finish. Let cool completely and enjoy!

applying glitter

Tip: For a smoother grubby look, run your hands up, down and around the whipped wax to smooth out bumps before adding glitter.


  • Cover counter with wax paper, old newspapers or aluminum foil to make clean up easier.
  • Be sure to wear safety goggles for eye protection. You do not want to be splashed in the eye with hot wax! Remember with wax – safety first.
  • Waxes used in making candles are very similar to cooking oils – they are flammable and they are poured at high temperatures, but with certain precautions, accidents may be avoided. NEVER HEAT WAX ABOVE 210°F.
  • For safety, wax should be melted in a double boiler. Wax should NEVER be heated directly over an open flame or burner. Direct heating can cause wax to explode and result in serious injury.
  • Use of a thermometer is advised to ensure proper wax pouring temperature.
  • Never leave hot wax unattended. Keep children and pets away from the area where wax is being melted and poured.
  • Never pour water in a wax fire. Water will cause the fire to spread. To extinguish a fire in a pan, cover the pan with its lid. Use a dry chemical fire extinguisher.
  • Never pour melted wax into the sink or other drains.
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