How to Make Candle Carvings

by Rustic Escentuals

Our non-traditional version of carving candles produces customized candles in just about any way you can imagine! You can choose to make the pillar candle yourself or purchase one from the store – and then the choice is yours over how to decorate it. The only limit is your imagination! Use the finished carved candles to complement your home decor or use as customized gifts for birthdays, holidays, bridal shower gifts, or baby showers. Also, a customized carved candle makes a wonderful finishing touch to any gift basket.

finished carved & painted pillar candle

Supplies needed:
Pre-poured pillar candle, any size
Embossing Tool (found at Michael’s, Hobby Lobby, or at Amazon)
Craft paint
Paint brush for painting
Larger paint brush
Pre-printed graphic, lettering, etc. sized to fit your pillar candle

Tip: Start out with simple designs until the feel for candle carving becomes more comfortable.


Step 1
Tracing the design onto the candle is the first step. However, if you have talented drawing skills, feel free to hand-draw on paper, or carve directly onto the candle. Hold preprinted graphic against the pillar candle with one hand. Gently trace the design with the embossing tool using enough pressure to leave an indent in the wax. Be careful to hold the graphic in the same place because moving it even slightly can mar or distort the design. When entire design has been traced, remove the graphic paper.

hold design against the candle


trace design onto candle

Step 2
Take the embossing tool and carve out the design following your indentations. Use the larger paintbrush to brush away excess wax from the carving. Don’t use too much pressure. About 1/10” is sufficient for the carved design.

carving the candle


carved candle


carved candle

Step 3
Using craft paint(s), fill in the carving. Let dry & enjoy!



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