Cupcake Candles Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals It’s party time! Cupcake candles look good enough to eat, smell delicious, and add just the right fun and festive touch to any occasion. Customize your cupcake candles for scent and color combinations, or color coordinate for holidays, seasons, events, and parties. Show your crafty side by making a sweet celebration candle! […]

How to Make Candle Carvings

by Rustic Escentuals Our non-traditional version of carving candles produces customized candles in just about any way you can imagine! You can choose to make the pillar candle yourself or purchase one from the store – and then the choice is yours over how to decorate it. The only limit is your imagination! Use the […]

How to Make a Soy Container Candle

by Samantha Scott these candles are fun and easy to make   This tutorial is for making one 8-oz Soy Container Candle. I find these candles fun and easy to make and hope you do as well. They are great to make for your own personal use or for gifts! If you wish to make […]

Rustic Tilted Layered Pillars

by Karla Gragg     Equipment, wax, dyes, and fabulous fragrances are available at Rustic Escentuals! Just use the handy links below. First — Gather everything you will need: Candle wax Digital Scales Fragrance Oil Candle Dye(s) Pour Pots (will need one for each color you intend to use) Thermometers Candle Mold (set up with […]