How to Make Sugar Cube Scrubs

by Summer ScentSations

sugar scrub cubes:


Product benefits and overview.
These cute little cubes offer all of the benefits of a moisturising sugar scrub without the oily mess. Each one is a perfect single use solid scrub. Just take one out and take it with you into the shower. Perfect for the pool or the gym, or a weekend away. No mess or fuss. You’ll love the light creamy lather while exfoliating and smoothing. You can add extra exfoliants too if you wish when you make your own.

To use just take one cube into the shower or tub with you (you really should leave the remaining cubes in a jar, out of the water area), and knead with a little water in the palm of your hand, and rub over your skin, paying special attention to any rough spots. The pure cane sugar gently exfoliates, the all-natural soap base gently cleanses, and the sweet almond oil restores moisture – all in one easy step.

Includes: Soap, Scrub, Moisturiser

Where to buy your ingredients

sugar scrub cubes: where to buy ingredients


Let’s start with the easy stuff – sugar. This recipe uses regular supermarket white cane granulated sugar that you would add to your coffee. Easy. You can substitute other sugars to suit your own recipes.

items neededThe oils. Your local health food store will probably stock these oils in small bottles. You can use any of the listed oils or a combination. It can be rather expensive to buy them that way, but if you are only making small amounts for yourself rather than for sale, this is easiest. If these are not available, you could always try substituting a good quality virgin olive oil from the supermarket or health food shop too.

Soap base. You can buy the white Melt and Pour soap base from Rustic Escentuals.

Fragrance. Rustic Escentuals carries a fabulous range of fragrances. Just be sure to pick one which is bath and body safe. The choice of fragrance is entirely up to you – go wild!

Colour really is optional; these scrubs will work just the same without it. You should not use food colouring as this is not designed for use on the skin and can stain. If you have a mineral powder eye shadow, you can add a little of this to give your scrubs some colour. Any of the range of gel soap colorants from Rustic Essentuals will work beautifully.

The Instructions

1. First get to hand everything that you will need from the list below. It’s important to have everything ready to hand because the scrub can set up quite quickly and catch you out if you are not prepared.

Add and weigh scales
Glass bowl or jug
Mold, ice cube mold, soap or chocolate mold, plastic tub

6oz Granulated cane sugar
2oz Sweet Almond Oil / Grapeseed Oil / Avocado Oil
3oz White melt and pour soap base
Colouring, liquid or powder (optional)
Fragrance oil or essential oil of your choice
Other exfoliant of your choice i.e. poppy seeds, 1 tsp approx (optional)

sugar scrub cubes: gather your ingredients and materials


2. Add your bowl or jug to your scale, set it to zero. Cut up your white melt and pour soap into rough equal sized cubes. Add them to the bowl until your scale reads 3oz.

sugar scrub cubes: cube soap and add to bowl


3. Transfer the jug to the microwave and melt the soap until every cube is just about melted – around 20 seconds for my microwave, yours may vary. Stir to ensure everything is melted. Careful not to boil the soap!

4. Remove jug from the microwave and stir the soap.

5. Add your fragrance oil or essential oil of your choice. If using fragrance oil designed for soaping, I add around 2 ml of fragrance. Add fragrance a little at a time until you get the level you are looking for. Stir until combined.

sugar scrub cubes: add fragrance oil


6. Add your liquid or powdered colouring. Add it a very little at a time. You can always add more but cannot take it out if you have added too much. Stir until combined.

sugar scrub cubes: add coloring


sugar scrub cubes: add coloring


7. Return the jug to the scale, set to zero. Add in your liquid oil slowly. You can add a single oil or you can blend several oils until you have added a total of 2oz in weight. Stir to combine.

sugar scrub cubes: add liquid oil


sugar scrub cubes: stir to combine


8. If you are adding any additional exfoliants, like poppy seeds, add these now and stir in.

sugar scrub cubes: add exfoliants


9. Get your mold ready close by.

sugar scrub cubes: get mold ready


10. Return your jug to the scale, set to zero and add 6oz of granulated cane sugar.

sugar scrub cubes: add sugar


Now work quickly!

11. Stir, stir, stir quickly until the sugar is fully combined. Then quickly pour into the mold before it sets up. Scrape around the jug to get every last bit.

sugar scrub cubes: pour into molds


12. Now do the washing up while you wait for the scrub to completely set. Leave it to set at room temperature for 1 hour.

13. Once set, push on the back of your mold or twist to release the block. If you used an ice cube mold, your scrub is ready. If you made a big block, use a heavy knife to cut into bite size pieces, you choose how big or small you like them.

sugar scrub cubes: cut into pieces


14. Package in a pretty box, jar or bag and label, decorate and give to the lucky recipient of your hard work. Congratulations.

sugar scrub cubes: all done and ready to package!


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