How to Make a Soy Container Candle

by Samantha Scott

learn to make a beautiful soy container candle
these candles are fun and easy to make


This tutorial is for making one 8-oz Soy Container Candle. I find these candles fun and easy to make and hope you do as well. They are great to make for your own personal use or for gifts! If you wish to make more than one at a time I will include tips on doing so along the way. These candles I will be showing how to make are dye free but I will include in this tutorial when to add the dye if using. Rustic Escentuals has almost all of the ingredients needed for this candle tutorial. Gather your tools & ingredients and Let’s get started!

Tools & Ingredients needed:
Pour Pitcher Melting pot
Candle making Thermometer
Stir Stick or spoon to stir
Candle wick stickers
KY PureSoy Wax or other Soy Wax
Color Flakes or Liquid Candle Dye
Candle Fragrance oil
Candle Wick
Wick bar
Basic Cooking Pot
Jar or Container

Preparation Steps:

1. Using the wick stickers, attach a proper sized wick onto the bottom center of the inside of your container or jar. Rustic Escentuals has an informative wick chart to help you choose the proper wick style/size.

attach wick to bottom of inside of container
use the handy dandy wick stickers to attach your wick to the center bottom of your container

2. Fill the cooking pot with approximately 2 inches of water and bring to a boil, once boiling reduce to medium heat. Please remember to use the double boiler method, a microwave or melter for soy wax. Never melt wax on a direct heat source such as a stove top burner!

3. Place the melting pot on your scales and set scales to zero. Fill the melting pot with Soy wax flakes until the weight hits 8oz.


Step One: Place melting pot into cooking pot of water. Allow wax to melt and reach temp of around 175 degrees. Stir until completely melted. Turn off burner.

place melting pot into cooking pot of water
allow wax to melt and reach temp of approx 175F

Step Two: Using a towel or oven mitt & caution, remove melting pot (Pot will be hot!). I like to dry off the outside of the pot to prevent any water dripping into the candle when pouring the melted wax.

Step Three (Optional): Add the candle dye (if desired) now and allow to dissolve completely.

Step Four: Add .5oz fragrance oil of choice and stir well, usually around two minutes.
*Note: if you wish to make more than one 8oz candle, the formula for fragrance and soy wax in this recipe is 1 to 1 1/2oz fragrance oil per 1 pound soy wax.*

Step Six: Wait. Allow the wax to cool off until a foggy, almost slushy, appearance happens to the melted wax. Usually around 95 degrees. Give a good stir.

Step Seven: Pour into the wicked jars. Do NOT heat the jars before pouring wax.

Final Step: Allow candle to set and cool. Do not move the candle while wax is still hardening as this can cause the wax to become uneven. Once the wax has set up, you should have a smooth top and creamy white candle (or colored if using dye). Trim the wick to around 1/4 inch left. Cure the candle or candles for a couple days for best results before burning. Label the candle with a sticker or tag and you’re done! Enjoy!

finished candle
label the candle with a sticker or tag and you’re done – enjoy!


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