How to Calculate Candle Burn Time

by Rustic Escentuals The below listed steps show you how to calculate the burn time of any candle whether it’s a container, pillar, or votive.   Supplies Needed Candle Digital Scale * The numbers used in this example do not depict an actual test burn. Step 1: Measure the weight of your candle. It’s easiest […]

Soap Packaging Ideas

by Rustic Escentuals   Packaging soap for sale or gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many simple ways you can pretty up your packaging with items you have around the house or a quick stop at the dollar or craft store! Before you package your soap, you need to know that Melt […]

How to Take Great Photos

submitted by Curtis Durham Here are some simple steps to immediately improve your product photos… 1. This first step is the most important step. If you complete this first step, you will improve your photography by leaps and bounds. Are you ready to discover what this “magic bullet” can do? Yes? Here it is: Sit […]