Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 3

by Rustic Escentuals There are so many ways to use the versatile little loofah in soaps. Here is a simple, yet creative tutorial showing you one of the many ways you can customize soaps using Loofah slices. Check out Loofah soap tutorial #1 and #2 for more ways to be creative with these! simple, yet […]

Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 2

by Rustic Escentuals These Loofah Slices are so much fun to work with! Here is another Loofah soap tutorial, but with a different spin. We’re going to grind up the loofah before adding it to the soap. This makes a slightly gentler scrubby loofah soap. Don’t forget to check out the first Loofah Soap Tutorial! […]

Loofah Soap Tutorial – Part 1

by Rustic Escentuals It’s that time of year when our skin needs some extra exfoliation. Here is a soap that will make you soft and smooth in no time. It’s especially useful for those pesky tough areas like your heels. This is a two-part tutorial. In this tutorial I will be using sliced loofah for […]