Make Bath Bombs using Fizzy Bath Base

by Jody Lane for Rustic Escentuals

A bath bomb is a hard-packed mixture of chemicals which effervesces when wet. They are used to add scent and color to bathwater. They are also called bath fizzies or bath snowballs. Make bath time a special occasion, not a boring ritual, by enjoying the fragrant bliss and silky skin of a bath bomb!

Items Needed:
A large bowl
Wooden spoon
Bath Bomb molds
Rubber gloves
A spray bottle of either witch hazel or rubbing alcohol

1 pound of Bath Fizzy Base
1 Tablespoon of body safe fragrance oil

Put the Bath Fizzy Base into the large bowl. Mix it up with your hands in case there are any clumps. Add your body safe fragrance oil and mix well into the fizzy base.

put fizzy base in large bow and mix to remove clumps
mix with hands to remove any clumps – add FO and mix well

Using your spray bottle, spray/spritz about 4 times and continue to mix. Continue to spray and mix until you have a dry, Play Dough type texture.

spritz with spray bottles approx 4 times
spritz about 4 times

Take your bath bomb molds and pack each side being sure to over-fill them.

spray and mix until dry, Play Dough type texture
spray and mix until you have a dry, Play Dough type texture


pack molds, being sure to over-fill them
pack each side of your molds, over-filling them

Put the two sides together. To get the mix to pack into the mold, do a push/slide, until they meet together. Do not twist because they will come back apart! Do not press so hard as to crack the mold – if you crack or break the mold, you’re pressing way too hard. Gently take one side off, turn it in your hand and remove the other side. Practice makes perfect!

put two sides together and gently press
take one side off and remove the other side


pack mold - you want to overfill!
packing heart shape bath bomb mold


squeeze gently together in a push/slide motion
squeeze gently together in a push/slide motion

Put a towel on a cookie sheet and let bath bombs air dry for at least 24 hours.

let air dry on towel for minimum of 24 hours
let air dry on towel for minimum of 24 hours

When they are completely dry, put them in craft bags and tie them with metallic twist ties.

Other items that could be used to in the bath bombs: body safe colorant, colored glitter, Dead Sea Salts, poppy seeds, jojoba beads, dried flowers, melted soap, etc.

How to Use a Bath Bomb:
Run bath water, drop into the bathtub and watch the fizzing action begin. As you soak, the oils and butters are released to make your skin soft and silky. Use with caution – these may make your tub slippery.

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