Swirled Lip Balm Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This tutorial will show you how to add a little pizzazz to single colored lip balms. These can be customized to someone’s favorite colors & flavors or as special shower and party favors. add pizzazz to your lip balms with this tutorial!   Supplies and Equipment Needed Spoons or butter knives for […]

Custom Flavored Natural Wax Jelly

by Vickey Robinson Natural Wax Jelly is a fantastic alternative to Vaseline because it’s free of petrolatum and completely all-natural. We like to use it plain, but also custom flavor it for both adults and kids in the family. Step 1: Gather items needed: Natural Wax Jelly Lip Balm Flavor Oil Sweetener (if desired) Zip […]

How to Make Lip Balm

by Rustic Escentuals Our natural lip balm bases are easy to use, save you time & money, and are excellent emollients and full of natural antioxidants. Made from natural waxes and luxury oils, you’ll find these bases make a finished product that is smooth and creamy without leaving a waxy drag. 1 lb. of base […]