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Swirled Soap Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals You’ve seen swirled soaps across the Internet and have maybe tried your hand and it’s never really worked out. However, It’s really not that hard once you get the hang of it. The trick is all in the temperature of the soap base. To start, we’ll be showing you how to swirl […]

How to Calculate Candle Burn Time

by Rustic Escentuals The below listed steps show you how to calculate the burn time of any candle whether it’s a container, pillar, or votive.   Supplies Needed Candle Digital Scale * The numbers used in this example do not depict an actual test burn. Step 1: Measure the weight of your candle. It’s easiest […]

Clamshell Votives Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals   Materials List: Votive/Pillar Wax Suggestions • KY 133 Versatile Paraffin Wax • KY 143 Paraffin Pillar Wax • KY Para-Soy Tart & Votive Blend (used in this tutorial) Digital Scale Candle Fragrance Oil Candle Dye Pour Pitcher Thermometer Clamshell Votive Mold 36-24-24 Zinc Votive Wicks w/self centering tabs (2) Presto Pot […]

Bathtub Soap Paint Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Make bath time fun AND soapy for the little ones!   Supplies and equipment needed Medium to large mixing bowl Spoons Spatula Measuring spoons (tablespoon) Hand mixer Rubber gloves Squeeze bottles (2 oz size) 6 to 8 Zip lock bags Digital Scale (not shown) Disposable pipette Foaming Bath Butter (16 oz) Macintosh […]

How to Make Scent Tarts in Cups

by Rustic Escentuals Scented wax tarts, or melts as they’re sometimes called, are a very popular way to scent your home without a flame. Scent tarts come in all shapes, colors and packaging and here’s a way to make a “scent shot” in a cup. Note our wax recommendations. Tarts work best with a wax […]

Prince and Princess Soap Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals For the special little Prince and Princess in your life. Help make bath time fun with their own, special soaps! Skills: Layering and additives   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave safe glass container (2 to 3) Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol Butter knife for […]

Pine Cone Fire Starters

by Rustic Escentuals Pine cones make great fire starters and are easy to coat with wax. You can make them more decorative by using colored wax. Make sure you use pine cones that are clean and dry. Pine cone fire starters are great for camping and gift giving – they’re decorative and functional!   Materials […]

Wave Votives

by Rustic Escentuals Wave Votives are a unique way to showcase your creativity and have some fun blending colors and scents. Our technique shows you how to craft unique wax votives that isn’t extremely difficult. Have fun practicing and learning how to combine different colors! These votives make great seasonal or personalized gifts.   Materials […]

Pie Tarts – Candle making tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Making these Pie Tarts takes a bit longer than just a plain scented wax tart, but it allows you to expand your creativity and craft a more visually appealing finished product. When thinking about this tutorial, we realized that a whipped wax cream dollop on the top of the tart would quickly […]

How to Make Oil Infusions

Herbs and oils just seem to go together! This tutorial will be using a cold infusion method to create simple oil infusions. Infused oils are a great way to experiment and add to future bath and body products. They are wonderful in handmade soaps, lotions, balms and any other items that you add oil to. […]

Layered Mason Jar Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Mason Jar candles are quick & easy to make as well as giving you room for creativity because of their larger capacity. In this candle making tutorial we show you how to pour three layers of different colors and scents. You can customize these candles for seasons, holidays, special occasions, parties, shower […]

Grubby Candle Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Grubby candles are fun to make and give a unique textured finish to the outside of your pillar candle. This is a great way to use up your “not so perfect” candles. If you don’t want to pour a pillar candle to make for this project, you can easily use a store-bought […]

Dessert Jelly Jar Candle

by Rustic Escentuals This candle making tutorial shows you how to make dessert candles in a container. We coordinate scents and colors for the container wax and then add a scented “whipped cream” topping. You can make these dessert candles for pie flavors, cakes, cobblers, candies, or just about any sweet treat – the only […]

Layered Votives Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Layered votive candles are a fun, quick way to showcase your creativity and add some pizzazz to plain candles. You can coordinate colors with scents or make custom creations for parties, special occasions,Home decor, seasons, Holidays, baby and wedding showers, etc. 
 Materials List: Votive/Pillar Candle Wax Suggestions: • KY 133 Versatile […]

Jelly Jar Candle Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This is a great project to learn how to make candles. Container candles are the easiest to start learning with and are always pleasant to have around, especially for test burning! You can make these for yourself or gifts because you have the ability to customize the scents and colors. Experiment and […]

Grubby Cut-Out Candle Making Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Grubby Cut-out candles take grubbies to the next level! These candles are visually appealing because they combine a variety of colors and textures in one candle. The whipped wax gives a nice outer texture to the candle while the inner pillar color adds a completely different color view to the cut-out. This […]

Cupcake Candles Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals It’s party time! Cupcake candles look good enough to eat, smell delicious, and add just the right fun and festive touch to any occasion. Customize your cupcake candles for scent and color combinations, or color coordinate for holidays, seasons, events, and parties. Show your crafty side by making a sweet celebration candle! […]

How to Make Cuticle Balm

by Rustic Escentuals Cuticle Balm is applied directly to the cuticles and rubbed in – it’s moisturizing and helps promote smooth, silky skin for prettier hands. This tutorial features a natural cuticle balm that’s easy to make – you need only 3 ingredients!   Supplies and Equipment Needed Spoon or butter knife for stirring Rubber […]

Oatmeal Shower Scrub Sachet Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals If your skin needs a little TLC this summer, what better way than using oatmeal to pamper and help relieve dryness? This tutorial will show you how to make an oatmeal shower scrub sachet. It’s so easy to make and keep on hand for when you need to treat yourself.   Supplies […]

How to Make Sawdust Fire Starters

by Rustic Escentuals Sawdust fire starters are easy to make and are useful during the winter, when camping, or having bonfires. Sawdust Fire Starters help use up leftover candle wax when candle making and are actually great gift ideas when “dressed up” with some creative wrapping and matching ribbons!   Materials and supplies needed: Sawdust […]

How to Make Lip Balm Scrub

Skin care for the lips! We take care of our skin, and now it’s time to take care of our lips with an easy-to- make lip scrub. This tutorial shows you how to make a moisturizing and skin-loving lip scrub. This tutorial will make approximately 10 to 11 jars of lip scrub. Supplies and Equipment […]