Melt and Pour Soap Tutorials

Remember those chemistry sets that were around when we were kids? You could mix this and that together and exciting things would happen. Or not so exciting if you were mom and had to clean up the resulting mess. Thankfully, soaping is a mess that really cleans itself. It's like being a kid again - the excitement that comes from seeing the lye react to the oils and create... soap! Beautiful, cleansing, bubbly soap. And like bath & body, the possibilities are limitless when it comes to soaping. Pick a tutorial below and let's get to work!

Holiday Tree Embed Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Before you know it the holidays will be here, so let’s get a jump start on some gifts that you can make right at home! I will be using Shimmer Dust Glitter to make floating embeds -a wonderful shimmery look for the holidays! Skills: embedding and layering wonderful shimmery holiday soap!   […]

Mini Leaf & Pumpkin Mold Tutorial, part 2

by Rustic Escentuals I’m starting to see pumpkins everywhere! Love their color, love their scent, love their taste (pie anyone?). This is Part II of our Fall inspired soap tutorial. We will once again be using the Mini Leaf and Pumpkin Silicone mold but this time using the Pumpkin cavities. These make super gifts – […]

Mini Leaf & Pumpkin Mold Tutorial, part 1

by Rustic Escentuals This is Part One of a Fall inspired soap tutorial using the Mini Leaf and Pumpkin Silicone mold. Look closely at the outdoor trees and you’ll see the beginning of Fall, so I thought it fitting to make a leaf shaped soap using this mold. It is a fun way to enjoy […]

Silk Soap Petal/Leaf Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Silk Soap Leaves are an easy, beautiful fall soap tutorial. These are so fun to make, you won’t be able to stop! “Use like a bar of soap. Lather, rinse, toss and go!” – unknown Use like a bar of soap — lather, rinse, toss, and go!   Supplies and equipment needed […]

How to Make Soap Vampire Teeth

by Rustic Escentuals Halloween is coming soon – this is a fun tutorial for those little (or big) goblins! With the use of Shimmer Dust Glitter, it’s a unique twist to a fun soap!   Supplies and equipment needed Microwave safe glass containers Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol […]

Soap Brains Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals This tutorial is a fun way to celebrate the Halloween season, give some of these away instead of candy! I’m also showing you how to add a bit of soap paint to the brains to add an extra dose of creepy, and a quick packaging idea. To get more familiar with packaging […]

Soap Packaging Ideas

by Rustic Escentuals   Packaging soap for sale or gift giving doesn’t have to be difficult. There are many simple ways you can pretty up your packaging with items you have around the house or a quick stop at the dollar or craft store! Before you package your soap, you need to know that Melt […]

Crayon Soap Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals With school right around the corner, make these awesome crayon soaps to celebrate the start of a new school year! This tutorial is a simple way to make a wonderful gift for your child’s teacher or to make your kids squeaky clean just in time for school. This one will bring out […]

Make Soap with Repurposed Soap Molds

by Rustic Escentuals This tutorial is a fun way to learn to experiment how to make soap with containers you already have on hand. Many a Pringles container has fallen to my mad soap making skills! This tutorial will be focused on what you can use for soap molds with what you have laying around […]

Cool Soap Shooters Tutorial

by Rustic Escentuals Looks just like a chilled shot glass filled with an awesome tiny cocktail, but it’s not! It’s a super cute soap that’s sure to put a smile on anyone’s face.   Supplies and equipment needed Microwave safe glass containers Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol Butter […]

Lemon Poppyseed Kitchen Soap

by Rustic Escentuals For all you lemon lovers out there here’s another tough working kitchen soap that smells deliciously lemony! It’ll help get rid of that garlic or onion scent that lingers on your fingers. We’ve added poppy seeds to impart some nice exfoliation. If you’re looking for an easy, lovely soap to make, look […]

How to Make Cookie Cutter Star Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals Did someone say stars? How fun! In this tutorial I once again pulled out the cookie cutters and the old Red, White, and Blue for some Fourth of July fun. (For those not in the U.S., choose any color you want!) Are you ready? Let’s go!   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave […]

Tough Working Kitchen Soap

by Rustic Escentuals Talk about a wake up call! Hazelnut Coffee scent in a tough working soap that helps to cut odors. This is possibly one of my favorite soaps. It’s great for those garlic and onion smells you just can’t seem to wash away, plus the exfoliation will get your fingers sparkling clean. A […]

How to Make a Soap Pouf

by Rustic Escentuals I just love this soap- nothing cooler looking than a soap pouf on a rope. It’s a soft nylon bath pouf embedded in your favorite glycerin soap. It’s super easy, fun to create, and makes the greatest lather in the shower or bath. I’ve scented this batch with Orchid Rain fragrance oil- […]

Gardening Soap

by Rustic Escentuals After a hard day gardening and playing in the dirt, you need something that can scrub away the soil and be soothing at the same time. The fragrance chosen for this tutorial is a wonderful blend of honeysuckle and patchouli – just perfect! The soothing Shea butter soap base gives it that […]

Soap for Father’s Day – Green Irish Tweed

by Rustic Escentuals Fathers like to be pampered too! Here is a special gift you can make for the man in your life for his special day.   Supplies and equipment needed Microwave 2 Microwave safe glass containers Sharp knife to cut soap into cubes Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol Butter knives Rubber gloves Disposable […]

Neapolitan Ice Cream Soap Loaf

by Rustic Escentuals I had some Neapolitan ice cream the other day and thought – Neapolitan Soap! You’ve already learned some layering skills in the Learning to Layer Melt & Pour Soap tutorial, let’s go ahead and step it up.   Supplies and Equipment Needed Microwave safe glass containers Scale Sharp knife to cut soap […]

Floating Hearts Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals Mother’s Day is right around the corner and since we all “heart” our moms, this is a perfect tutorial for a wonderful gift!With the use of Shimmer Dust Glitter, it looks like the hearts are floating in the soap – Just Perfect!   Supplies and equipment needed Microwave safe glass containers (3-4 […]

Imprint Soaps

by Rustic Escentuals This next tutorial was inspired by a couple of Rustic Escentuals Facebook fans. I had asked what some of your favorite fragrance oils were for some inspiration and this is the one of many that was mentioned. Add some Little Black Dress fragrance oil and some Diamond Dust Glitter and a soap […]

Goat’s Milk Folded Soap

by Rustic Escentuals Sometimes you just want something just a little bit different. A fun soap to make and use!   Supplies and equipment needed: Microwave Microwave safe glass containers Sharp knife Spray bottle with rubbing alcohol Butter knives for stirring soap Measuring spoons (1/2 tsp) Rubber gloves Disposable pipettes Silicone baking pan (7.5” x […]

Exfoliating Massage Bar

by Rustic Escentuals Another wonderful Mothers Day gift idea! Package a couple of these up in a basket, add some scented Dead Sea salts and it becomes a gift that anyone would love. This bar of soap is perfect for those days when you need some extra pampering. I’ve added some awesome Organic Jojoba Meal […]